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List created by Voltah

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind N/A
2. Caddyshack N/A
3. The Usual Suspects N/A
4. The Godfather 3/4
5. Midnight Cowboy N/A

Biography wish list 1

List created by cwchucky

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Schindler's List N/A
2. Walk the Line N/A
3. A Beautiful Mind N/A
4. Raging Bull N/A
5. Catch Me if You Can N/A

Top Movie List

List created by neilosz

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. 50 First Dates N/A
2. You, Me and Dupree N/A
3. Along Came Polly N/A
4. The Wedding Crashers N/A
5. Flatliners N/A
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