Frequently Asked Questions

How is the top movie list selected?

The movie lists are compiled using a weighted scale of 70% members movie ratings and 30% members movie lists. Movies that appear on the most member top movie lists as well as top genre lists receive the highest weight.

What is my member ranking and how does it change?

A member ranking is a way to measure how active members are. You can view your ranking in the upper right hand corner underneath your image. The way you obtain a higher ranking is to rate movies and write reviews. For more info see the points page. The point structure is outlined below:

Point Structure

Action Points
Rate a movie on our 0 to 4 star scale 1 point
Create a movie list with at least 5 movies 10 points
Submit a movie plot 1 point
Quick movie review (under 750 characters in length) 3 points
Full movie review (750 to 2499 characters in length) 6 points
Critical movie review (2500+ characters in length) 10 points

Ranking Structure

Ranking Points Needed What it Means
Aspiring Actor 0-49 You haven't seen any movies, or you are afraid to share, and chances are you like crappy movies. You aspire to be better!
TV Extra 50-99 You have never had a starring role, you have seen some movies but really you are just pretending you like film.
Rising Star 100-249 You like a lot of movies, you have been a sidekick in a few movies but you aren't quite "cool" yet. Think John Tuturro.
Movie Star 250-499 The paparazzi follows you around. You make too much money for doing voice overs on IMAX specials. You are are a star.
Director 500-999 A seasoned veteran, you know good movies when you see them. You know what makes movies good. You tell people what movies to see.
Producer 1000-4999 You know your way around a studio lot. You have the money to prove your success. You are lazy, except when it comes to movies.
Movie God 5000-49999 You have seen so many movies and shared your reviews. You are a Movie God, a worthy rank, but not our highest.
Godfather 50000+ You have seen more movies than anyone else, and write quality, full-length, critcal reviews. You well deserve our highest rank. You are the Godfather of movies.

How do I login with Facebook?

If you are an existing member, first log in using your standard FilmCrave credentials. Next click "Edit Profile" from your "My Profile" navigation section. Then click "account" from the "Edit Profile" navigation. Once there, read the instructions about using your exiting FilmCrave account by logging in with Facebook.

If you are a new member, it's easy. Simply Login Using Facebook by clicking the "Login With Facebook" link that you see all over our site. Follow the Facebook prompts and you're set.

How do I adjust how FilmCrave posts to Facebook?

Facebook used to have features where we can post your reviews, movie ratings, and movie lists automatically. Facebook has removed these features and you'll have to use the share widgets found across the website to share your opinion on Facebook or any other supported platform.

How do I reorder my movie lists?

Most movie lists can be reordered easily by dragging and dropping the movie title into the desired list position. You can get to your lists logging into the website and then selecting the "my movie lists" from the "my profile" navigation. You can also click on the link found in the right panel which contains your "Top movie list".

What kind of reviews or other content might be removed?

FilmCrave is a site for quality movie information. We encourage everyone to write as many reviews as possible, but please only write reviews which are helpful in nature. It is the administrator's discretion to delete reviews. Your review may be deleted due to any or more of the following reasons:

  • The review did not contain any useful information.
  • The review contained offensive content.
  • The review contained false information in an attempt to defy filmcrave users.
  • The post or comment was offensive and reported as such.
  • The post or comment disrupted the graphical nature of the site. This includes but is not limited to look, feel, design, style, or graphical misplacement.
  • The review falls under copyright infringement or is not your original writing.

The deletion of a review, post, or comment does NOT have to meet the above standards in order for it to be deleted. If the above repeatedly occurs, a member could be banned from

What behavior is inappropriate?

We, at FilmCrave, encourage as much user interaction as possible. We also encourage users to discuss movies in a constructive manner. People are passionate about films and once in a while a heated discuss occurs. We understand. But, FilmCrave does not allow the following and users may be banned by administrator's discretion:

  • Trolling - is someone who intentionally posts controversial or contrary messages in an online community such as, with the intention of baiting users into an argumentative response.
  • Offensive Content - racial slurs, derogatory comments, etc.
  • Spamming - Soliciting other users to join, buy, or interact with another website that may or may not be a direct competitor. Basically, pushing another website onto another person forcefully or not.

It is up to the administrator to determine the extent of the above and if it warrants a permanent ban.

What browsers are supported?

We have tested and support the latest versions of Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera, and maybe Safari. Be sure your browser is updated to the latest version and you should be fine.

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