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How to Get Points

Get points by writing reviews, ratings movies, writing plots and more!

Action Points

Rate Movies

Rate all the movies you have seen and let others know what you thought.

1 point

Create Lists

Add at least 5 movies to any movie list and get points.

10 points

Submit Plots

Find a missing plot or don't like someone else's? Submit your own.

1 point

Write Quick Reviews

Write a quick review (under 750 characters) and let others know your opinion on a film.

3 points

Write Full Reviews

Write a full-sized review (750 - 2499 characters) to share your detailed opinion of a movie.

6 points

Write Critical Reviews

Write a critical review (2500+ characters) to share your detailed opinion of a movie.

10 points

Your Ranking and What it Means

Become one of our top members on our member stats page and get a new ranking!

Ranking Points Needed What it Means
Aspiring Actor 0-49 You haven't seen any movies, or you are afraid to share, and chances are you like crappy movies. You aspire to be better!
TV Extra 50-99 You have never had a starring role, you have seen some movies but really you are just pretending you like film.
Rising Star 100-249 You like a lot of movies, you have been a sidekick in a few movies but you aren't quite "cool" yet. Think John Tuturro.
Movie Star 250-499 The paparazzi follows you around. You make too much money for doing voice overs on IMAX specials. You are are a star.
Director 500-999 A seasoned veteran, you know good movies when you see them. You know what makes movies good. You tell people what movies to see.
Producer 1000-4999 You know your way around a studio lot. You have the money to prove your success. You are lazy, except when it comes to movies.
Movie God 5000-49999 You have seen so many movies and shared your reviews. You are a Movie God, a worthy rank, but not our highest.
Godfather 50000+ You have seen more movies than anyone else, and write quality, full-length, critcal reviews. You well deserve our highest rank. You are the Godfather of movies.
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