Our Story

The founders originally came up with the idea while bashing movie critic websites and their influence on movie goers. Both of us desperately tried to get our amateur reviews syndicated to major review syndication websites. We were declined, though not from a lack of effort.

The declination fueled a discussion about a movie website created specifically for members. One that would give great movie information and usable movie tools. "What if we could allow members to give their own opinions about movies, create movie lists, and talk about them in a unique constructive way?".

From that conversation, we knew we were going to make something special. Not only did we want members to be able to do all the things that critics do, but we wanted to give them solid, easy to read information so that users and members could make accurate movie decisions.

FilmCrave was created to not only allow members to give their own opinions but to be guided by others' recommendations on what movies to watch, rent, or buy.

FilmCrave Team

What is FilmCrave.com

  • One of the fastest growing pure play entertainment websites exclusive to movies
  • A point of purchase website for movie tickets, DVDs, Blu-rays, and movies on demand
  • A site dedicated to people who share movie opinions and buy/rent movies based on fellow community members' recommendations

Visit our contact us page to request more information.

The FilmCrave Owners

The FilmCrave Founders

A very special thank you!

We would like to make an extended "Thank You" to all of our volunteers. With out them this site would not be possible and would not be functioning as it is now. Our sincere thanks goes to all of our members who continue to crave more films!

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