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Nick's Information

Ranking Status: Producer

Name: Nick Barry

Gender: Male

Current Area: Lincoln, NE

Home Town: Lincoln, NE

Education: Bachelor degree in business administration and computer science.

Employer: University

Position: Developer - I develop websites!

About Me: I am one of the founders of

Interests: Movies, music, fast cars, sleeping, beer. Basically the necessities of life.

Movie Profile

Film I Love: Gone In 60 Seconds

Film I Hate: Rubber

Guilty Pleasure: Super Troopers

Favorite Genre: Adventure

Least Favorite Genre: Western

Favorite Actors: Nicolas Cage, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, Steve Buscemi

Least Favorite Actors: David Hasselhoff, Rosesane Arnold, Rosesane Arnold, Rosesane Arnold

Favorite Director: Quentin Tarantino

Least Favorite Director: Rosesane Arnold

Movie Quotes: Mac: "Hey Farva what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy shit on the walls and the mozzarella sticks?" Farva: "You mean Shenanigans?" Mac: "OOOOOOOOOOO." -- Super Troopers

If his unpleasant wounding has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish beneath the glossy veneer of criminal life, then his injuries carry with it an inherent nobility, and a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. -- Sphinx

Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning. -- The Fast and the Furious

Latest Movie Review

Rating of

The Forest (2016)

The only thing that makes this movie decent is Natalie Dormer.

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
Treasure Island: The Adventure Begins 2.0/4 2.0/4
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 2.5/4 2.7/4
Priscilla 2.5/4 2.9/4
Barbie 3.0/4 2.7/4
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 3.0/4 2.8/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Gone in 60 Seconds 4.0/4 2.5/4
2. Back to the Future 4.0/4 3.2/4
3. Kill Bill: Volume 1 4.0/4 3.0/4
4. Kill Bill: Volume 2 4.0/4 3.0/4
5. The Matrix 4.0/4 3.2/4

Best of 2018

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Deadpool 2 3.5/4 3.1/4
2. Ready Player One 3.5/4 3.0/4
3. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch 3.5/4 2.8/4
4. Avengers: Infinity War 3.0/4 3.3/4
5. Tomb Raider 3.0/4 2.3/4

Recent Comments

phil - wrote on 02/27/14 at 09:15 PM CT


phil - wrote on 02/25/14 at 05:49 PM CT

how do i accept friend requests? I get them on my email but do not see them on my profile. Im site challenged.

phil - wrote on 02/17/14 at 10:48 PM CT

Thanks Nick. I love it!!

Sai Venu Mohith - wrote on 04/24/13 at 01:33 AM CT

could you suggest me films like 'Into The Wild' by sean penn?

Alex - wrote on 04/21/13 at 04:11 AM CT

Glad to see you really liked Oblivion. I hope to see it Monday.

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/05/13 at 09:25 PM CT

The people have spoken, FilmCrave has listened. The point system has been revamped in order to provide more points for detailed, informative reviews. The breakdown is as follows: Quick Reviews (3 points) will now be any review up to 749 characters. A Full Review (6 points) will be from 750-2499 characters and the newly-created Critical Review (10 points) will be any review of 2500+ characters. This change is retroactive, you if you see your point total either increase or decrease, it will be …

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 01/15/13 at 09:13 AM CT

The Avengers Review comment

Finally someone who agrees with me as being a 4 star rating. Can't wait for the next installment from the franchise.

Alex - wrote on 12/16/12 at 02:17 PM CT

Holy shit - you must have loved the hobbit as much or better than LOTR? I plan on seeing it. With all of the negative reviews I have my doubts.

Alex - wrote on 10/21/12 at 05:38 PM CT

Glad to see you liked Argo. I have it low on my list to see but will definitely rent it. I don't like Ben Afleck but maybe this will change my mind.

Alex - wrote on 09/28/12 at 10:49 AM CT

Looper Review comment

"This movie was great" but only 3 stars? Your review is right in line with what mine will be. I felt the premise was good but the TKs and the ending was a bit rediculous.

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