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Ranking Status: Producer

Gender: Male

Current Area: Buffalo, NY

Home Town: Buffalo, NY

Movie Profile

Film I Love: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Film I Hate: Battlefield Earth

Guilty Pleasure: Any animated film

Favorite Genre: Drama

Least Favorite Genre: Western

Favorite Actors: Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Bette Davis

Least Favorite Actors: Vince Vaugn, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Kevin Spacey

Favorite Director: Tim Burton

Least Favorite Director: Rob Zombie

Movie Quotes: Anything from Clue. Anything from The Birdcage. Anything from Tommy Boy.

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia 3.0/4 2.8/4
Paths of Glory 3.0/4 3.3/4
12 Angry Men (1957) 4.0/4 3.4/4
Tootsie 3.0/4 2.8/4
The Crazies (2010) 2.5/4 2.6/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 4.0/4 3.1/4
2. The Nightmare Before Christmas 4.0/4 3.1/4
3. Donnie Darko 4.0/4 3.0/4
4. The Others 4.0/4 2.8/4
5. The Pianist 4.0/4 3.2/4

Recent Comments

Alex - wrote on 12/19/11 at 09:24 PM CT

We made some major additions to the site. First, you now have the ability to connect your FilmCrave account with your Facebook account - a feature I highly recommend you activate. You can now instantly update your friends on your movie reviews, ratings and lists. The updates are limited and you have complete control over what gets posted. You can do that here. Make sure to visit the forum and let us know what you think of these new features.

Second, my favorite new feature is the ability …

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