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Overall Rank: 24379

Average Rating: 1.9/4

# of Ratings: 86

Theatrical Release Date: 10/22/1982

Language: English

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

Actors: Tom Atkins, Stacey Nelkin, Dan O'Herlihy, Michael Currie, Ralph Strait, Jadeen Barbor

Plot: The Silver Shamrock company is the most popular and best-selling mask company for Halloween but the owner has a dark plan to use a boulder from Stonehenge to kill anyone wearing his masks. -- Chris Kavan

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 01/31/2014

The Silver Shamrock company is the most popular and best-selling mask company for Halloween but the owner has a dark plan to use a boulder from Stonehenge to kill anyone wearing his masks. Let's get the good out of the way. The soundtrack to this movie is so annoying, but it's that kind of annoying that sticks in your head and never leaves. The movie has a interesting story to it, but that's when the started to get terrible for me. The movie leaks on character's, acting and writing.

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Yojimbo - wrote on 10/20/2012

Absolutely bizarre excuse for a "sequel" that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the earlier films. Just some nonsense about some masks that turn kids' heads into insects when they watch a TV ad? What??

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Unknown - wrote on 08/18/2011

The fun of this movie is not knowing anything about it before you see it. The only thing I knew, was that this was not a continuation of the first two 'Halloween' films and contained a completely different story. With that said, this is an average scare film that borrows a lot from older sci-fi horror hybrids. Though, the story itself is original it is also very strange. I liked the atmosphere, unfolding mystery and Tom Atkins in the lead. The thing that works the best is the ending. More horror films should end like this one.

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Dark Vengeance 9
Dark Vengeance 9

Rating of

Not Halloween, but Good Horror Film

Dark Vengeance 9 - wrote on 11/21/2011

Halloween 3 is a bizarre but exceptional horror film. This biggest mistake is that Halloween 3 is not actually part of the series, Michael Myers isn't in the film and this should be better clarified. This movie shouldn't be a Halloween. Instead you get something much more scary and unique. You get a evil businessman, played excellently by Dan O'Herlihy, who plans on using magical stones in masks to rip apart kids' heads and transform them into bugs. The evil businessman even has an army of androids that follow his evil plot. With that said, the movie is completely ridiculous and unbelievable but scary and intense. The main characters are actually well played; when they are in danger they actually look legitimately scared. This movie isn't at all related to Halloween so expect any tie …

Chris Kavan
Chris Kavan
Movie God

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Halloween 3: Season of the Mistake

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/23/2007

Here's a great idea - let's make a Halloween movie that has nothing to do with any of the other films, in fact, it doesn't even mention Michael Meyers, let alone show him! Let's make this about masks and one pissed off Celtic guy with a grudge and magical piece of Stonehenge.

There is only one good scene in the film - a masked boy that turns into a writhing mass of bugs and snakes. Other than that - there is no redeeming value to this film. At least the lame Halloween sequels still had Michael Meyers. I'm still trying to figure out why how this was ever categorized as a Halloween film in the first place.

I guess John Carpenter had a right to change the Halloween films for what he thought was a new direction - but this wasn't the direction it needed. I'll take Michael Meyers …

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