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Top Movie List

List created by Laura

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Maze Runner: The Death Cure N/A
2. Proud Mary N/A
3. Fifty Shades Freed N/A
4. Death Wish N/A
5. The Disaster Artist N/A

My Wish List

List created by adbrack1988

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Miller's Crossing N/A
2. Blood Diamond N/A
3. Batman Begins N/A
4. The Dark Knight N/A
5. The Dark Knight Rises N/A

Based on True Story (Dramas)

List created by Carol without an e

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. The Danish Girl N/A
2. Race N/A
3. Crime of the Century N/A
4. Evita N/A
5. Selena N/A
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