Serendipity Related Movie Lists

Movie Lists

Movies We've Seen

List created by Bri and Chris

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. The Hunger Games N/A
2. The Avengers N/A
3. TiMER N/A
4. Serendipity N/A
5. Prometheus N/A

My Comedies

List created by Carol

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. One Fine Day N/A
2. Office Space N/A
3. My Cousin Vinny N/A
4. Little Black Book N/A
5. Secondhand Lions N/A

Favorite John Cusack Movies

List created by The WHB

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Say Anything... 4/4
2. Better Off Dead 3.5/4
3. Serendipity 3.5/4
4. Being John Malkovich 3.5/4
5. Grosse Point Blank 3.5/4

Movies Seen

List created by Alena

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. The Shawshank Redemption N/A
2. Good Will Hunting N/A
3. Forrest Gump N/A
4. Remember Me N/A
5. Inception N/A

Movies I Own List

List created by atarimega

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Roxanne N/A
2. What About Bob? N/A
3. Serendipity N/A
4. Braveheart N/A
5. Raiders of the Lost Ark N/A
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