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Last post on 03/02/16 at 11:37 AM CT by travincal

this is mini satire to the doomed aristocracy and a cheer for moral and modesty.

Queen Margot ( reine Margot, La )

Last post on 03/02/16 at 09:28 AM CT by travincal

I cannot highly recomand this movie and his music. Part of the story is history, part fiction, but the massacre did killed 30000 protestants in all France. Masterpiece!

Heist (2015)

Last post on 12/30/15 at 11:38 AM CT by smeagol

its speed v some other weird moviethe plot etc was silly and poor but i have seen worst was ok to watch if leave the brain behind the sofa.i liked the preg woman twist and the cop noticing her i thought that was a nice touch. not original but best bit

Absolutely Anything

Last post on 12/30/15 at 02:15 AM CT by travincal

This is as dumb as it can be. Who wrote, filmed, and release this garbage should be ashamed. Waste.

Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant

Last post on 11/22/15 at 06:50 AM CT by travincal

it was horrible. unfunny. most of the time stupid. pure stupid.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Last post on 10/29/15 at 05:41 PM CT by LeeAnn M.

My brother is older than I am by a year, and he has tormented me for over forty years. Still, I believed him when he told me that Disney announced it was delaying Episode VII until the summer. I didn't think he was trolling me until he said Vudu was going bankrupt. Anticipation, excitement, giddiness,'s all building with enormous pressure

The Cat from Outer Space

Last post on 10/29/15 at 02:01 AM CT by travincal

A lot of known actors, cute cat, but outdated. The humor does not entertain anymore. not even for curiosity.


Last post on 10/23/15 at 12:45 AM CT by Ric Ky

Avatar is also one of the my favorite movie.


Last post on 10/12/15 at 02:53 PM CT by BlueCat

Who would’ve thought, in a summer packed full of Avengers, earthquakes, and a return to Jurassic Park, that one of the year’s best action movies would be a small, independent film from rookie screenwriter, Taylor Sheridan? The signs were there, with Denis Villenueve at the helm and Emily Blunt as the lead, though I can’t say I expected such a magnificent result. Sicario, the story of a task force sent after a notorious cartel at the U.S. and Mexico border, …


Last post on 10/12/15 at 03:02 AM CT by Ric Ky

I am also going to watch this movies soon.

Spectre (2015)

Last post on 10/07/15 at 11:53 PM CT by Stuart

I love a good Bond movie and never get fed up of them, I can't wait for the release as Chris said next year is going to be a hell of a year for movies!

Snow White (1916)

Last post on 10/07/15 at 11:52 PM CT by Stuart

This is a lovely classic adaptation of the story probably one of my favourites although its been a while since I have seen it.

Cop Car

Last post on 10/07/15 at 11:51 PM CT by Stuart

Sounds interesting, I will look out for it and see if I can watch it and let you know what I think.

War Pigs

Last post on 10/07/15 at 11:49 PM CT by Stuart

Well there are ongoing wars in the world, and new people are being found who are being prosecuted as Nazi criminals, so perhaps their stories are what drives the ideas of the movies.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Last post on 10/07/15 at 11:45 PM CT by Stuart

I watched Mad Max Fury Road last night, its good that its very similar to the older movies they have kept closely to the original idea but I think I need to rewatch it to full understand the plot.

Ex Machina

Last post on 09/21/15 at 02:25 PM CT by Gussd

Amazing. Loved how intimate it was. Basically just three actors giving incredible performances in a highly detailed environment. The questions it asks about AI and the world's future is just incredible. Best Sci Fi movie of the year.

Lucy (2014)

Last post on 07/09/15 at 04:49 AM CT by jessicacarlson

i saw last month lucy movie, so nice movie

Slow West

Last post on 07/03/15 at 06:29 AM CT by travincal

aspire some more :) Jessica.

Danny Collins

Last post on 06/22/15 at 08:10 AM CT by deena900

 Danny Collins (2015) will very nice and comedy movie i may superhit movie of month

Dragon Blade ( Tian jiang xiong shi )

Last post on 06/22/15 at 12:05 AM CT by travincal

this is all so made up that it cant stand on both legs. it is an awfall movie. if you want some roman soldiers fighting their fights, try  Rome, the tv show.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

Last post on 06/21/15 at 11:30 AM CT by Ty Adkins

you arent human the movie is excellent

The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

Last post on 05/22/15 at 11:02 AM CT by travincal

just a jailer, an idiot screaming and making no sense during the whole film. don't bother watching without ff.

The Visit (2015)

Last post on 05/11/15 at 07:45 PM CT by Chris Kavan

Horror has been on the upswing - The Babadook, It Follows - while I admit that Shyamalan has been mostly disappointing between The Visit and Wayward Pines... maybe I can give him another chance.

Alien Outpost ( Outpost 37 )

Last post on 04/15/15 at 02:58 AM CT by Zulmaran

I loved it. Nice story

Monsters: Dark Continent

Last post on 04/15/15 at 02:57 AM CT by Zulmaran

Action movie from the 90-s

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