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Escape from Planet Earth

Last post on 03/02/13 at 09:04 AM CT by Sci-FI Movie Guru

It is so nice to see that movies you can bring the whole family to seem to have made a come back over the past few years. Most of them are animated like Escape from Planet Earth. Having grown up in the era of Walt Disney, we all love animated movies. So we joined some of our friends and all the kids and went to the 3D version. Everyone loved the characters, Heroic Scorch, geeky Gary, Lena and the villain Shanker. The 3D effects had everyone ducking and was so much fun. Good …

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Last post on 02/21/13 at 04:35 AM CT by aliena

I love this movie. It's amazing. And I'm not just saying this because
I'm a die-hard fan of the book. It has a great script, great cast, it's
well directed, awesome soundtrack and undeniable strong performances.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Last post on 02/18/13 at 02:12 AM CT by aliena

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is appreciable because of its
brilliance, acceptable for its nobility and unquestionable in its

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Last post on 02/18/13 at 02:10 AM CT by aliena

Just saw it, better acting and better dialogue than "Twilight"...but that's a low bar of achievement.

A Good Day to Die Hard

Last post on 02/07/13 at 01:57 AM CT by Mainstreetmoviez

i would love to watch this movie.

The Baytown Outlaws

Last post on 02/06/13 at 03:49 AM CT by manchesterteddy

This film was pretty good. What better to have rednecks taking down criminals. The film was creative with the different gangs of people willing to take on the outlaws. Definately a must see.

Movie 43

Last post on 01/29/13 at 06:46 PM CT by Chris Kavan

It has been getting terrible reviews - in the realm of "worst movie I have seen" quality. I think the biggest hit against it is that the sketches are vulgar, gross, crass and just not all that funny (by most accounts - I have yet to see it myself). Just because there is talent involved doesn't mean it's any good - though I could see this attain a certain cult status considering how bad so many people say it is.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Last post on 01/27/13 at 07:12 PM CT by FSUNoles27TS

I will avoid seeing this out of protest for stupid premises overtaking the TV commercials. This looks really stupid Not looking forward to any movies coming out soon. 2013 movies I look forward to; World War Z; Ender's Game, Man of Steel, and the Croods


Last post on 01/25/13 at 09:28 PM CT by Chris Kavan

The trailer was much more intense than I expected. With McConaughey and Michael Shannon on board, this should be one to watch. I still have Take Shelter on my list of movies I need to watch.

Moonrise Kingdom

Last post on 01/23/13 at 12:39 AM CT by aliena

I have added it on my "to watch list".

Zero Dark Thirty

Last post on 01/07/13 at 08:19 PM CT by Chris Kavan

I'm very much looking forward to watching this - coming up on the 10th - I though the Hurt Locker was terrific and am anticipating this to be one of the best films of the year.

Dead Man Down

Last post on 01/03/13 at 08:46 AM CT by FSUNoles27TS

Its funny you say that. I thought it had the same feel as GWTD. Didn't know the same people were involved.


Last post on 12/30/12 at 10:45 AM CT by Chris Kavan

It's like Date Night - great actors, but I also have a feeling the film itself is only going to be average - I'm saying a rental on this one.

Cell 211 ( Celda 211 )

Last post on 12/29/12 at 01:28 AM CT by aliena

A great film and highly highly recommended.

Django Unchained

Last post on 12/27/12 at 02:44 PM CT by Chris Kavan

Good to know - I'll be watching this on Sunday and my hopes are high due to the many nominations and great opening numbers for the film. For a change, I don't think I'm going to be disappointed with this one.

21 & Over

Last post on 12/26/12 at 09:33 AM CT by FSUNoles27TS

I will probably wait to hear from others on this movie, or at least wait until DVD. I feel like it will be one of those that tries too hard, and still fails to deliver. I could be wrong though.

The Man with the Iron Fists

Last post on 12/21/12 at 07:41 PM CT by Chris Kavan

From what I understand, this was pretty much a passion project for RZA - which usually has the potential to turn our really amazing or completely awful. I will probably catch this when it's available to rent or stream - martial arts action films are always fun, and a little (or a lot of) blood never hurts things.

The Collection

Last post on 12/19/12 at 04:00 PM CT by Chris Kavan

Well, if it's any consolation, I have a feeling it's not going to take very long for this to hit video/streaming - I really should watch the original movie to see if it's something that would interest me. I usually give any horror movie a chance.

The Bourne Legacy

Last post on 12/18/12 at 01:31 AM CT by Matthew

The Bourne Legacy is a weak film that exists as nothing more than a sore tit hanging from a cash cow that's spent already.  Bourne Identity through Bourne Ultimatum had a complete story, told well.  The first thirty minutes is a redundant back-and-forth between Renner walking around snow and trees, and Edward Norton delivering the same speech three times about "how serious this situation is".  The plot is finally found roughly 45 minutes in, and then rushes to an anti-climactic …

Les MisÚrables (2012)

Last post on 12/12/12 at 04:28 PM CT by Chris Kavan

I know the music - but have never seen this on stage. Given the huge buzz surrounding this film, I will have to watch it. I don't have a problem with musicals in general, so I'm interested to see how they incorporate it into film format.

The Great Gatsby (2013)

Last post on 12/11/12 at 08:17 PM CT by FSUNoles27TS

I skipped reading it in high school so many times, I might as well pay my teachers back by going to see this book to movie piece.

Ender's Game

Last post on 12/10/12 at 10:02 AM CT by FSUNoles27TS

Read this in high school. Couldnt put it down. The film will probably butcher it like all films due to books. It doesn't mean it won't be great.

The Avengers (2012)

Last post on 12/09/12 at 07:29 AM CT by sreekirch

The avengers is a wholesome gift for summer movie goers. There are lot of action set pieces, some hard hitting dialogs and great super hero the HULK in it, We get the best HULK smash in the film. Iron man is another cool character performed by Downey Jr. He and Ruffalo share excellent screen space understanding each other and arguing at times. 


Last post on 12/09/12 at 07:25 AM CT by sreekirch

I still didn't got time to watch skyfall. But I will surely catch the Imax version soon. Then I'll speak about the film

World War Z

Last post on 12/06/12 at 09:45 AM CT by FSUNoles27TS

Can't wait to see this movie. Might be the first Zombie movie with an A-List celebrity like Pitt. This is going to be an awesome ride. Will be going to the theatre for this one.

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