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Suicide Squad (2016)

Last post on 01/26/19 at 02:58 PM CT by Hurricane2000

I thought it was okay, But compared to the terrific trailers, This was disappointing

Avengers: Infinity War

Last post on 01/26/19 at 02:56 PM CT by Hurricane2000

Absolute masterpiece (Though not as good as Nolan’s Batman trilogy)

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Last post on 01/26/19 at 02:56 PM CT by Hurricane2000

I really enjoyed this film

Monrovia, Indiana

Last post on 12/07/18 at 07:01 AM CT by Chris Kavan

That is pretty much the same information I found - the only option may be to contact Zipporah ( and see if they offer any kind of screener options or if they can update on a potential streaming/DVD release.

Night School (2018)

Last post on 11/04/18 at 08:46 AM CT by Jimmy

Great Movie.  Kevin Hart at his best

Bad Samaritan

Last post on 05/06/18 at 07:46 AM CT by Horrornut45

This was a very good thriller nail bitting to the end

The Belko Experiment

Last post on 02/19/18 at 04:58 AM CT by Christian

if you liked "would you rather" or "cheap thrills" or "13 sins" then you will love it

Only the Brave (2017)

Last post on 02/09/18 at 02:24 AM CT by skycop51

A wonderful movie showing courage and bravery facing death act the hands of fire's fury!

Pacific Rim

Last post on 02/05/18 at 06:06 AM CT by Stuart '2-D' Pot

Great movie. I loved the unique spin Del Toro brought to it. Hope the sequel delivers

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Last post on 02/04/18 at 03:00 AM CT by Films Family

Bad ass

Transformers: The Last Knight

Last post on 01/20/18 at 11:55 AM CT by Arab

i thought it was pretty good

Mary and the Witch's Flower ( Meari to majo no hana )

Last post on 01/19/18 at 09:38 AM CT by akhansen

While visually fun, Mary and the Witch's Flower plays 2/3 of the way through and doesn't know where to go from there. The opening scene is thrilling, drawing you in, and then we are transported to the leisurely, atmospheric English countryside, waiting for the pace to pick up again. Unfortunately, the film never recaptures the energy from the beginning, and the great cast of characters also remains in limbo, never becoming more fleshed out & realized, though a great potential for this is …

The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Last post on 01/18/18 at 03:15 PM CT by Nikita

Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr.  are stunning as always! I really like superhero movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron is one of the most loved. I tried to find similar movies, but in this genres are lots of different films,  some times bad. I've found a couple really good on …

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Last post on 01/16/18 at 08:11 AM CT by editorguy91

MARTHA !!! - Honestly insulted that, that's the way they decided to go. 

Thor: Ragnarok

Last post on 01/10/18 at 06:54 AM CT by editorguy91

I'm usually on top of my Marvel movies game, but only managed to get to movies last week to watch Thor. But I have to say  I really did enjoy, it was a nice easy watch that held my attention throughout. 

Savage Dog

Last post on 01/05/18 at 09:00 AM CT by Kamran

Nice romance and action movie.

The Dark Tower (2017)

Last post on 11/02/17 at 11:53 AM CT by Movienerd1600

I picked up the Dark Tower Steelbook at Best Buy recently https://www k-tower-steelbook-4k-ultr a-hd-blu-ray-blu-ray-only --best-buy-2017/5913520.p ?skuId=5913520 as I am a fan of them and this one looked appealing. Since I like Idris' work (he was great in Luther), it was a no brainer for me,  but this film seemed like it never really got into any kind of meaningful detail. Maybe they should have done a two-parter or mini series.

Wonder Woman (2017)

Last post on 11/02/17 at 11:48 AM CT by Movienerd1600

Absolutely loved this, and stoked PJ is back. Just added the Manta Lab and will add HDzeta limited edition sets to my collection, plus others. Have way too many, LOL.

The Fantastic Four (2015)

Last post on 10/02/17 at 02:25 PM CT by FilmCrave User

After Chronicle a lot was expected. But there was a lot of studio inteference and Actor-Director disputes. So hard to say its only the director's or write's fault


Last post on 09/20/17 at 06:46 AM CT by Stuart '2-D' Pot

I'd love to see '' as a real website. Who else would like to see that? Lol

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Last post on 09/20/17 at 03:45 AM CT by Stuart '2-D' Pot

The reviews are mixed. I'll still go and see the film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Last post on 09/19/17 at 05:34 AM CT by Tom Morvolo Riddle

It is a good movie but I myself enjoyed the Amazing Spiderman more.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Last post on 09/15/17 at 04:49 AM CT by Stuart '2-D' Pot

This film was great, but Dawn beat the standard this film set. (Just my opinion)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Last post on 09/15/17 at 04:48 AM CT by Stuart '2-D' Pot

Here's how I rank the trilogy:

1. Dawn
2. War
3. Rise

I didn't do my ranking from worst to best, it's just Dawn and War upped the standard that Rise set

Black Panther (2018)

Last post on 08/17/17 at 01:11 AM CT by Bhoomi

Me also excited for this.Trailer is really awesome.

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