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My Forgotten Films

List created by lastonetoleave

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. My Bodyguard N/A
2. Starting Over N/A
3. Valley Girl N/A
4. One, Two, Three N/A
5. Breaking Away N/A

Top Movie List

List created by xerxes2012

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Picnic at Hanging Rock N/A
2. The Innocents N/A
3. Walkabout N/A
4. The Usual Suspects N/A
5. Reservoir Dogs N/A

Movies I Own List

List created by mck2175

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. From Here to Eternity 4/4
2. From Hell 3/4
3. A Place in the Sun 4/4
4. Casablanca 4/4
5. The Maltese Falcon 4/4
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