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HorrorMovieLOVER#1's Information

Ranking Status: Rising Star

Gender: Male

Current Area: Dearborn, MI

Home Town: Santa Rosa, CA

About Me: I'm a teen who loves spending my time watching horror movies. I hope one day I become a well-known director/screenplay writer, and be able to work with all kinds of actors.

Interests: Watching horror movies, reviewing horror movies, going to the movies, writing screenplays, and shooting mini scenes with my friends.

Movie Profile

Film I Love: The Cabin in the Woods

Film I Hate: Any horror remakes!!!

Guilty Pleasure: Red Eye

Favorite Genre: Horror

Least Favorite Genre: Sport

Favorite Actors: Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Neve Campbell, Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Director: Wes Craven

Least Favorite Director: Uwe Boll (HORRIBLE!)

Movie Quotes: Effie Trinket: Primrose Everdeen! Katniss: Prim? PRIM!!! I volunteer, I volunteer!?!! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!!

Jackson: Just finishing the job. Lisa: Not in my house!?! RED EYE (2005)

Dana: It's the cellar door. Holden: We should go check what's down there. Jules: Dana -- I dare you. CABIN IN THE WOODS (2012)

Latest Movie Review

Rating of

Scream 4

SCRE4M is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

WOW! What can I say? SCREAM 4 has been a major improvement since SCREAM 3.......When I saw SCREAM 4, I though this one is the best one yet. Craven, and Williamson prove once again that they're a great team, and that they still have that magic touch of horror blended with humor. I love the new fresh faces of the young casts, and the original survivors. The movie is filled with a lot surprising scenes. The acting is just magnificent. I love "Kirby", and let me tell you, Neve Cambpell has gotten sexier over the last ten years. She's the new "Scream Queen", sorry Jamie Lee. I think that Neve Campbell reprising her role of "Sidney" is just remarkable!!!!!!!

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
Split (2017) 4.0/4 2.9/4
Rings 3.0/4 1.5/4
Pitch Perfect 2 4.0/4 2.6/4
Pitch Perfect 4.0/4 2.9/4
Hick 4.0/4 2.5/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Red Eye 4.0/4 2.6/4
2. The Cabin in the Woods 4.0/4 2.9/4
3. The Hunger Games 4.0/4 2.9/4
4. Winter's Bone 4.0/4 2.9/4
5. House at the End of the Street 4.0/4 2.4/4

Top Comedy

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Easy A 4.0/4 2.9/4
2. Date Night 3.5/4 2.6/4
3. Baby Mama 4.0/4 2.6/4
4. 50 First Dates 3.5/4 2.6/4
5. The Wedding Singer 4.0/4 2.7/4

Recent Comments

Alex - wrote on 03/27/11 at 01:49 PM CT

We wanted you to be the first know about the launch of FilmCrave’s sister site, MeltedJoystick.com, the ultimate video game social network! You will recognize much of the same great features as you do on FilmCrave, but enhanced for video game lovers. We invite you to become a member, rate your favorite games, create your top game lists, and write game reviews.
We can’t wait to see you at MeltedJoystick.com. As always, you know where to find us if you have questions.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/12/11 at 11:09 PM CT

Sup buddy.I wanted to know what you think about the film "step brothers". since you know a lot about comedies,I just wanted to know what you think about this one.

PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 02/07/11 at 11:44 PM CT

To be honest, I haven't watched a great deal of Wes Craven films but I did love 'Scream." I did like the ideas behind "Last House On the Left," but I have yet to see the original he did, only saw the remake.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/04/11 at 10:20 PM CT

Top Horror/Thriller Movies comment

good list. "swamp thing" and "the silence of the lambs" are true classics.you should review those two films.Im curious about what you think about the both of them.

PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 02/03/11 at 12:37 PM CT

Thank you. I enjoy your movie lists as well, though I must admit, Horror is not my favorite genre, it does offer a great taste of that arcane service to our psyche...fear.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/02/11 at 09:22 AM CT

Big Daddy Review comment

i wouldn't consider this one his best,but that's just me.I always feel like im watching the same thing when it comes down to Sandler.overall,i liked it.good review and keep it up.you should review all of his movies,you seem to know a lot about his style of films and his writing.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/02/11 at 09:20 AM CT

Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous Review comment

tottaly agrree with you.just one thing,i think this screenwriter was way better than.Mark Lawrence writes a great film of comedy and action in one movie,that actually works perfect.Mark Lawrence also wrote the first film,but two other screenwriters co-wrote it with him.so this one was just written by MR.Lawrence.I loved this one more than the first.bu that's just me.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/02/11 at 09:17 AM CT

Miss Congeniality Review comment

I too thought this was a good comedy.Sandra Bullock owns this movies with her funny,great acting style.i loved this film.it's one of those original comedy films.I wouldn't call it a "romantic" kind of film,as i felt that there was really no love moments for me.but did you like the sequel?

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/01/11 at 10:12 PM CT

House of Wax Review comment

I agree on the scares and the whole Paris Hiton thing.Chad Micheal Murray was amazing in this film.overall,i've never seen the original,but maybe I might buy it on amazon.good review and keep it up.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 02/01/11 at 10:09 PM CT

You Don't Mess with the Zohan Review comment

I agree with you on ths film.the plot,what plot?.the chartacter develoment,was there any?.so yes,this film is bad.Adam Sandler is no mark whalberg or skeet ulrich,he can't deliver with great performances.I just wish Judd Apatow would have helped more on the screenplay,cause hes hes better than this.( Apatow wrote the films "40 year old virgin", "knocked up", and "funny people") which were all good.but not this one,maybe cause Sandler co-wrote this film and added dumb comedy,than the usual …

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