The Phantom of the Opera Related Movie Lists

Movie Lists

Movies of 1925

List created by skater4159

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Accused 2/4
2. Across the Deadline 2/4
3. Adventure 2/4
4. American Pluck 3/4
5. Are Parents People? 2/4

Movies Based on a Book

List created by PsychoFaerie

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. The Shawshank Redemption N/A
2. Fight Club N/A
3. Forrest Gump N/A
4. The Green Mile N/A
5. The Shining N/A

To be literate

List created by mcmath

# Movie Title Rating Add
1. Citizen Kane N/A
2. Shadow of a Doubt N/A
3. His Girl Friday N/A
4. Laura N/A
5. White Heat N/A
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