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Ranking Status: Director

Name: Jenna Foraker

Gender: Female

Current Area: Kansas CIty, MO

Home Town: Raytown, MO

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Film I Hate: Autumn in New York

Guilty Pleasure: Ben Stiller Movies, "Cake"

Favorite Genre: Comedy

Least Favorite Genre: Anime

Favorite Actors: Ricky Gervais, Martin Freeman

Least Favorite Actors: Heather Graham, Laura Linney

Favorite Director: Christopher Guest

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This Film is Not Yet Rated

Sex v.s. Violence

This movie is very interesting and scary. I think that people that take children to films or enjoy films should learn how movies are rated. It helps explain why the same movie will have different ratings in different countries. A very important to see if you use the ratings.

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! 3.0/4 2.7/4
Mamma Mia! 2.0/4 2.6/4
Four Weddings and a Funeral 3.5/4 2.8/4
Wall-E 3.5/4 3.2/4
Juno 3.5/4 2.9/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Hamlet 4.0/4 3.0/4
2. Bowling for Columbine 4.0/4 2.9/4
3. Rabbit-Proof Fence 3.5/4 2.7/4
4. Super Size Me 4.0/4 2.8/4
5. This Film is Not Yet Rated 4.0/4 2.9/4

Top Comedy

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. The Cutting Edge 4.0/4 2.6/4
2. Shaun of the Dead 4.0/4 3.1/4
3. Zoolander 4.0/4 2.5/4
4. Bend it Like Beckham 4.0/4 2.7/4
5. About a Boy 3.0/4 2.7/4

Recent Comments

Nick - wrote on 08/30/07 at 12:56 AM CT

Hey everyone! We've just posted some exciting changes to the website. If you haven't noticed already, you can suggest a movie to the database. You'll see that in the instant search at the top of the page and on the advanced search page. The second major thing we added was Custom Movie Lists! Just go to your "my movie lists" page and create any list you can imagine! We've really enjoyed adding this one, everyone should love it! Keep the good ideas coming!

Alex - wrote on 08/22/07 at 04:03 PM CT

This Film is Not Yet Rated Review comment

Nice review...i may need to check it out...

Josh C - wrote on 08/15/07 at 11:13 PM CT

How was it? I have never been.

Alex - wrote on 08/13/07 at 11:44 PM CT

New Features! Invite Your Friends: Use the link on the left hand navigation to invite all of your friends. Add as many email addresses as you want, type a personal message, then hit submit. FilmCrave Movie Reviews RSS Feed: Share the newest FilmCrave reviews with your fellow bloggers by posting the RSS data via the link on the reviews page ( - click the RSS image) into your blog. Advanced Member Search: The instant member search can now be used in …

Josh C - wrote on 08/04/07 at 03:05 PM CT

haven't seen you on a bit, we finally got the plot entry thing done so your plots will be on the site shortly and linked to your profile.

Alex - wrote on 07/25/07 at 06:18 PM CT

So, if the actors names on the "main movie page" were red link, and then when you click it, it displays a list of all the othe mothers that actor or directer is related to? Is that what you mean. This is also in the works.

Nick - wrote on 07/25/07 at 01:22 AM CT

the plot submission is in progress. Feel free to continue to sumbit them, they are now being stored in the database the way we want, I just need add a few more things to use them. I see a lot of movies on your rating history that I have seen and need to rate!

Alex - wrote on 07/25/07 at 12:44 AM CT

Glad you like the site. What is the worst thing about it - honestly. I have asked that to quite a few peop.e and no one has really responded lol. Do I know you?

Josh C - wrote on 07/24/07 at 09:22 PM CT

you need to put a real image up there, or at least a girl image. Also we got your plot requests are are waiting until we can get something programmed to link them to your profile, it was planned just not built :)

Alex - wrote on 07/24/07 at 04:53 PM CT

Caddy shack is more the old style of comedy to me. It is not fun and games and action and sick jokes - is slow and direct. Its not bad, but is not like the newer movies. Plus, Rodney Dangerfield acting is bad.

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