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Overall Rank: 9699

Average Rating: 2.3/4

# of Ratings: 185

Theatrical Release Date: 12/07/2007

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 04/29/2008

Language: English

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Chris Weitz

Actors: Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Sam Elliott, Eva Green, Dakota Blue Richards, Ian McKellen

Plot: The Golden Compass, based on Philip Pullman's novel tells the first story in 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. A 12-year-old girl travels in an epic quest to save her friend and her world. -- Josh C

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/18/2014

Worst film ever was just boring nothing happen's in this movie just talking.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 03/17/2011

There are a lot of potentially inventive moments in this film, but the atmosphere and casting is uninspired and dull. Visuals are, at times, pretty to look at, and the score is sweeping and listenable. A fantasy film that exists to go through the motions.

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PsychoKing1227 - wrote on 10/21/2010

The only saving grace of this film was Nicole Kidman's psycho monkey that even haunted a dream or two I've had. Other than that, a waste of time.

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The Rusty Compass

TheSteelCat - wrote on 07/09/2008

The CGI and effects save this movie, without a doubt. The plot is shaky and not very convincing to the point where you sometimes barely know what the hell is going on, combined with a child doing a very, very awful cockney accent; a small part, but, yes it was that bad that it needed to be addressed.

The film calls in the services of Daniel Craig, after his soaring roles as "James Bond" and he was advertised to be on the film, a film in which he appeared for very little and seemed to be a meaningless character, which brings me on to my next point.

If you are a die-hard Golden Compass book reader, then you would most probably like the film, but if not then you may find that this film won't make much sense to you.

As stated earlier, the CGI and effects are brilliant and are put …

Josh C
Josh C

Rating of

Why is everyone hating on this movie? It's great!

Josh C - wrote on 07/07/2008

I don't understand all the negative reviews. I waited over a year to see this since the reviews were bad so it just kept falling off of my list of movies to watch. When I finally did watch it I was startled at how good the story was.

The movie reminded me of Harry Potter, with all the magic and mystery, but I thought it was presented better. There was more action, better special effects and far less whining. Overall, it was a complete joy to watch and my only problem with this movie was the ending because I wanted more and didn't want to wait for the next one.

The acting was also good. Nicole Kidman's cold blooded character was really effective and Dakota Blue Richards showed she has a lot of potential.

The story was darker and had a more grown up message, which was probably …

Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
Movie God

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As a Fan of the Books, This is a Good Introduction

Franz Patrick - wrote on 01/17/2008

It's good enough as an adaptation of the book. Sure, there were quite a handful of choppy moments which made me wonder why they showed certain scenes in the first place but one can't deny the imagination and effort that came with this film. I suppose a lot of people were expecting a new "Harry Potter" or "Chronicles of Narnia" franchise and were disappointed to find that this isn't one. I found Nicole Kidman and Dakota Blue Richards to be effective as two polar opposites. As a fan of the trilogy, I do hope that in the next movie, the filmmakers wouldn't be afraid to offend the church. Sure, money needs to be made and the more commercial the film, the more money they would get. Still, is greatness worth trading for money? In this case, I'm more forgiving. But if there happens to be a …

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