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Overall Rank: 5291

Average Rating: 2.6/4

# of Ratings: 207

Theatrical Release Date: 10/08/1993

Language: English

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Marco Brambilla

Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock, Nigel Hawthorne, Benjamin Bratt, Bob Gunton

Plot: A cryo-prison is created to house the worst criminals in society, but in a future free of crime Simon Phoenix is thawed and goes on the rampage. The law enforcement can't cope and must thaw out John Spartan, a wrongfully-convicted officer from the past and Phoenix's nemesis. -- Chris Kavan

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Ian - wrote on 04/11/2021

The perfect 90s action movie. The casting is great, the action is awesome, and its non stop hilarious!

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/16/2013

(Sylvester Stallone) "I am the law" (Wesley Snipes) "And am blade motherf..ker (Sandra Bullock) "hmm help me am in space".

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Alaine - wrote on 12/09/2011

Well, I've watched this many times. I appreciate scifi, action and humor in one package. Very talented cast. Silly idea, but quite watchable.

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Sly kicks some butt in this futuristic action...

MovieAddict - wrote on 11/22/2013

An enticing mix of comedy and action packed cheese… Sandra Bullock is her fresh-faced charming self as a naive and overeager cop with a love of the past (& Sly's raw masculinity!) while Wesley Snipes is great as the devious Simon Phoenix,an escaped psychotic cryo-con with no tracking sensor.

This movie is set in the future where most people are certified weaklings! Everything that's bad for you is illegal. People are ticketed and fined for swearing…… violence, feelings and even salt are all illegal. The futuristic cops are pathetically wimpy and I quote they "are not trained to handle this sort of violence!" So if you have a madman causing chaos in this peaceful future, what would you do? If you said get the 20th century's baddest cop to nab the psycho then you are absolutely …

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"Demolition Man" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 04/23/2012

After a succession of painfully po-faced ego-trips in the 80s, Sly finally took a leaf out of Arnie's book and grew a sense of humour in this reasonably enjoyable comic strip sci-fi. He plays John Spartan, a tough guy cop thawed out in the future to stop an amusingly gleeful psychopath in the form of Wesley Snipes. There are plenty of jokes at the expense of the whole "politically correct" ethos and some mild social satire, including one of Dennis Leary's familiar rants. Sandra Bullock also appears as his endearingly innocent sidekick who shows him the ropes of living in the future, almost like an action man version of Sleeper. Not a world changer, but it's a damn sight more palatable than most of Stallone's work and Sandra looks damn fine in uniform!

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