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Demolition Man

Sly kicks some butt in this futuristic action...
MovieAddict - wrote on 11/22/13

An enticing mix of comedy and action packed cheese… Sandra Bullock is her fresh-faced charming self as a naive and overeager cop with a love of the past (& Sly's raw masculinity!) while Wesley Snipes is great as the devious Simon Phoenix,an escaped psychotic cryo-con with no tracking sensor.

This movie is set in the future where most people are certified weaklings! Everything that's bad for you is illegal. People are ticketed and fined for swearing…… violence, feelings and even salt are all illegal. The futuristic cops are pathetically wimpy and I quote they "are not trained to handle this sort of violence!" So if you have a madman causing chaos in this peaceful future, what would you do? If you said get the 20th century's baddest cop to nab the psycho then you are absolutely correct. Enter John Spartan, a cop who seeks to bring down villains any which way he can, usually with no thought for public safety. And the only person willing to aid Sly is the dependable Sandra Bullock, his kickboxing sidekick…skills gained from watching Jackie Chan Movies.

What’s not to like …..good clean, harmless fun.. ..with some social satire and even mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger's political ambitions and Snipes even slips in a "Rambo" reference at one point. Lots of fun from start to finish.

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