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Overall Rank: 44803

Average Rating: 1.1/4

# of Ratings: 74

Theatrical Release Date: 02/17/2006

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Romance

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Aaron Seltzer

Actors: Alyson Hannigan, Adam Campbell, Eddie Griffin, Sophie Monk, Meera Simhan, Fred Willard

Plot: No romantic comedy is safe when Date Movie sends up a spoof of everything from Meet the Parents to Wedding Planner and everything in between. -- Chris Kavan

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 08/01/2014

These spoof movies need to die.

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 09/25/2011

Another spoof movie that shouldve went straight to DVD

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The Film Rebel - wrote on 08/23/2010

God smite the idiots who made this movie and smite the 12 year old kids who like it. Ever since Scary Movie 2 spoof films have been so on and off. Sure, there were ok ones like Superhero Movie and Scary Movie 3, but for the most part, its all been shit. This is no exception.

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Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
Movie God

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Date Movie review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 09/13/2013

A cat that puffs a cigarette and a heart forms, Julia being caught from the top of a building with ease, french kissing a cat, a black dude rides a bike when Julia Jones actually rode it and many more stupidly unbelievable sequences. This felt like a fantasy romantic comedy touched with simplistic acting since all it had to do was spoof. movies. Admittedly, this made me laugh/smile a few times thanks to its screenplay. Much better than most spoof flicks like Superhero Movie (dreadful in all accounts). Date Movie utilizes ideas from various films (romantic to even well known classics which they should never have done) but still manages to be funny even for some scenes. Overall it is a disaster, but a welcome disaster just to keep your brain-cells relaxed and stress low.


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Should be called "Dumb Movie"

Lulu1220 - wrote on 02/02/2009

Awful. I did not see this movie by choice. So why did I choose to see it? Well I didn't. My employer use to have this monthly contest where certain people would be rewarded with a free lunch and a movie. We would vote on the movie and I lost.

I sat through this movie and dreaded every minute of it. It was not funny and really stupid. I asked myself.."Why is Willow (Allison Hannigan) doing this to herself?" In the middle of this movie I also though to myself..."I would rather go back to work".

Anyway I don't like spoof movies. I watched about 30 minutes of "Scary Movie" and then I had to turn it off. I just could not take it anymore.

Why Hollywood continues to make these movies is beyond me. I guess there are people that like them and as long as they make money, we will see …


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Review - Date Movie (2006)

Delorted - wrote on 01/27/2008

In a parody of everything romantic, Julia Jones (Alyson Hannigan) was a girl just looking for love, which she found in Grant Fockyerdoder (Adam Campbell). Now Julia is trying to make the relationship work and keep Grant away from his ex, Andy (Sophie Monk) in “Date Movie.”

Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg, two of the writers from the menacing “Scary Movie,” went off on and decided to start making crappy parodies of their own. Now what we have to endure at least once each year is an hour and a half onslaught of unfunny reenactments from both good movies and movies that were bad to begin with. I can only think of two reasons they keep getting work, one of them being the fact that even though this and “Epic Movie” are universally known as two of the worst movies ever made, …

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