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WestIsBest's Information

Ranking Status: Director

Name: Catherine Benham

Gender: Female

Education: Went to school and got decent GCSE grades. Then went to college to study Film, Media, History and English and got straight B's. Went to University, hated it and left after four months.

Employer: Zurich Insurance

Position: Clerical Assistant - Filing, post, paying invoices, eating junk food, flicking elastic bands at people, having chair races...it's all hard work :)

About Me: I am an only child and am totally obsessed with films! I'll watch pretty much anything. I've recently gotten into horror films above everything else but I love a good comedy or something that involves a lot of blowing stuff up! I work for Zurich Insurance as a clerical and have loads of fun doing that.

Interests: Watching films, reading, writing scripts and stories. I love going to theme parks and to the cinema. I go to film conventions when I can and also write to people and collect signed photos.

Movie Profile

Film I Love: Aliens, Evil Dead 2, If...., Clerks, Re-Animator, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Film I Hate: Borat, Alien 3, Dead Man

Guilty Pleasure: Return of the Killer Tomatoes, The Phantom Empire

Favorite Genre: Horror

Least Favorite Genre: Romance

Favorite Actors: Jeffrey Combs, Bill Paxton, Kurt Russell, Johnny Depp

Least Favorite Actors: Renee Zelwegger

Favorite Director: Sam Raimi

Least Favorite Director: Paul W S Anderson

Movie Quotes: 'Oo, he's got an arm off!!' - Shaun, Shaun of the Dead 'You'll never get credit for my discovery. Who's going to believe a talking head? Get a job at a sideshow.' Herbert West, Re-Animator 'Groovy' Ash, Evil Dead II 'We're on an express elevator

Latest Movie Review

Rating of


A pretty good crime movie with good performances but completely forgettable. I don't know if I'd ever bother watching it again but at least if I did I'd know I would enjoy it as much as I did originally as I won't remember what happened.

Recent Rating History

Movie Title Rating Overall Add
Bride of Re-Animator 3.0/4 2.5/4
Payback 2.5/4 2.5/4
From Dusk Till Dawn 3.0/4 2.8/4
Batman Returns 3.5/4 2.7/4
Dead Poets' Society 3.0/4 3.1/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Aliens 4.0/4 3.2/4
2. If.... 4.0/4 2.8/4
3. Evil Dead 2 4.0/4 3.1/4
4. Good, the Bad and the Ugly, The ( buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il ) 4.0/4 3.4/4
5. Clerks 3.5/4 3.0/4

Top Horror

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Evil Dead 2 4.0/4 3.1/4
2. Re-Animator 4.0/4 2.8/4
3. Aliens 4.0/4 3.2/4
4. Psycho 4.0/4 3.3/4
5. Near Dark 3.5/4 2.9/4

Recent Comments

DavidT. - wrote on 11/18/07 at 06:46 AM CT

Evil Dead II is also a great film. Have you seen Gordon's From Beyond. I like it almost as much as Re-Animator and it was recently finally released on DVD.

Allison - wrote on 11/17/07 at 06:36 PM CT

cool lists.

DavidT. - wrote on 11/17/07 at 06:27 PM CT

West is best, Re-Animator is one of my favorite films.

Nick - wrote on 11/17/07 at 11:16 AM CT

that a great Shaun of the Dead quote! What movies are you going to put on your top movie list?

Alex - wrote on 11/17/07 at 05:27 AM CT

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