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Overall Rank: 2713

Average Rating: 2.9/4

# of Ratings: 35

Theatrical Release Date: 03/09/1969

Language: English

Genre: Drama

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Lindsay Anderson

Actors: Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Richard Warwick, Christine Noonan, Rupert Webster, Robert Swann

Plot: In an inditement of the British Boys School, we follow Mick and his mostly younger friends through a series of indignities and occasionally abuse as any fond feelings toward these schools are destroyed. When Mick and his friends rebel, violently, the catch phrase, "which side would you be on" becomes quite stark.

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Snoogans - wrote on 06/16/2015

From the skewed events depicted, to the harsh closing scene, 'If...' seems to be a bold statement made out of a 'what if?' scenario. Not all is far removed from reality, yet there still exists some fantasy-esq moments. This mix doesn't completely coincide. I didn't find much connection between the obvious symbolism of these 'artsy' type sequences to the actual message of the narrative. The film just boils down to a vs battle between borderline oppressive authority and adolescent delinquency. Neither side is worth rallying behind, as they are both flawed. I appreciate the endeavor. It lost my involvement along the way.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 11/01/2011

If..., taken as a symbolic film, is quite thought-provoking. The film isn't linear enough to work as a straightforward thriller and, occasionally, I think it gets a little too ambitious and, thus, murky, for its own good. It works as sort of a companion piece to A Clockwork Orange, since both films share anarchic themes.

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cinegeek.de - wrote on 04/17/2016

Our Daily Free Stream: Lindsay Anderson - If... Ein unheimlich aktueller Film, der allein deshalb so ein Unwohlsein hervorrief, das mir noch lange im Nacken sass... - Hier kommt ein europäischer Klassiker, mit der Güteklasse "essentiell britisch"! Lindsay Andersons Parabel über den Aufstand an einer Boarding School, beschwört all das herauf, was so gemein und hässlich ist an derartigen Etablissements. If... ist die Korrektur aller verlogen nostalgischen High School Filme. Dazu muss man sich vorstellen, wie so eine Elite Schmieder während der 60er gewesen sein muss, um die Motivaion in If... zu verstehen, sich mit Waffen zur Wehr zu setzen. Lindsay Anderson hat daraus einen sehr menschlichen Film gemacht, der in mancherlei Hinsicht an die anarchistische Grösse der Nouvelle Vague …

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Looneymanthegreat - wrote on 04/02/2013

“If….” I s a 1968 film directed by Lindsay Anderson (who is a man) and stars Malcolm McDowell. The movie is about a young man named Mick Travis who lives in a public boarding school, and shows the events leading up to a school shooting.

The 1960’s were probably terrible (I assume every decade before the world was blessed with my presence was terrible.) Yet despite all of the hippies, wars and Elvis movies, we have a bizarre nostalgia for the decade. Even those who weren’t around back in the day enjoy listening to the Beatles or watching Forest Gump. But time heals all wounds, and now we see the 60’s as a better time instead of a STD filled hell.

“If….” Like so many other famous films released during the decade holds a counter cultural message. It is after all …

Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
Movie God

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If... review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/18/2012

A dark satyr about the rules of an English school headed by strict disciplinarian Rowntree (Robert Swann). Rebel Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell) is fed-up and takes action against the unruly authoritarians. Imagine your most hated tradition, practice, teacher or dean, what's the worst thing you can do to get even? This film answers it and violently. Superb acting and thought provoking screenplay with lines from Mick - "One man can change the world with a bullet in the right place." "War is the last possible creative act." "When do we live? That's what I want to know." Pace is somewhat dull in the beginning. One of the best rebel films, If... speaks volumes about lack of creativity in the school system for discipline, attitudes, ethics and rebellion.

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