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Overall Rank: 38035

Average Rating: 1.5/4

# of Ratings: 93

Theatrical Release Date: 05/28/1993

Language: English

Genre: Action, Adventure

MPAA Rating: PG

Director: Annabel Jankel, Rocky Morton

Actors: Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Samantha Mathis, Fisher Stevens, Richard Edson

Plot: The Mario brothers rush to save a princess from Koopa and his dinosaur minions in an alternate universe to ours.

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 07/09/2019

A mismatch of "Blade Runner," "Jurassic Park," and references to the Super Mario video game franchise. I have no clue what this uninspired and murky blockbuster was supposed to be before it was so clearly rework into a Mario Bros. movie.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 06/18/2019

"The worst thing I ever did? Super Mario Brothers. It was a f***in' nightmare. The whole experience was a nightmare. It had a husband-and-wife team directing, whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent. After so many weeks their own agent told them to get off the set! F***in' nightmare. F***in' idiots." I miss Bob Hoskins.

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Unknown - wrote on 11/29/2011

Terrible adaptation of one of the greatest video-game franchises. Nothing at all like the source material.

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Unintentional Laughs Galore

JLFM - wrote on 05/13/2013

There were a number of questions I asked myself as I sat watching Super Mario Bros. "What the heck is going on?" "Is that really supposed to be Toad?" "Why is everyone acting like imbeciles?" "Why am I still watching this movie?" Nearly 2 hours of my life is gone, thanks to Super Mario Bros., a movie that does everything wrong and nothing right. A serious contender for worst movie ever made, though I'll grant; it had quite a few unintentional laughs.

In a ludicrous plot that seems to be trying to make sense of the nonsensical world of the video game it's based upon, Super Mario Bros. is about two plumbers named Mario and Luigi (we're supposed to believe they're brothers, but they look at least 20 years apart in age), who find themselves in a different dimension. The dimension is ruled …

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A waste of time.. I hated it.

mdtinney - wrote on 11/21/2009

I have exactly two words for this movie. IT SUCKS. Don't watch it-you'll regret it. My friend and I were looking through his movie closet for something to watch, and we came up with this movie. I'd never seen it before, so we popped it in. After about 41 minutes of watching it, we turned it off. It was more than I could take in. WHY wasn't this movie ANIMATED? I mean, it was creative to have real dudes play the parts, but they didn't look like what they were supposed to be! It didn't resemble the games. Bowser's a human, Princess Peach is some girl named Daisy--I didn't even get what was going on. The plot is incredibly weak and the jokes aren't funny at all, if you can call them jokes. Pretty much the only part I liked was when Mario and Luigi went to jail--that was kinda funny. But …

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I'm Sorry Your Movie Is In Another Castle

Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 09/14/2007

I see this movie as the pioneer of video game movies; especially outside of the thriller/horror movies these days (Resident Evil; Doom; Silent Hill; etc). But it is known as the first video game pioneer works.

I think the most enjoyable factor about this movie was the cast. Major kudos to Mali Finn for her choices in casting this feature. Bob Hoskins as Mario was the perfect choice. Loved that they had the Mario Brothers as New York Italians; as it is suppose to be in the game. The movie had them NY, even the cartoon had them NY. Fast-forward to the N-64 game and Mario has a voice like he's some illegal immigrant right off the freakin' boat from Italy. What's up with that?

John Leguizamo wasn't the carbon copy Luigi like we would have expected from the game; but …

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