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Overall Rank: 609

Average Rating: 3.1/4

# of Ratings: 142

Theatrical Release Date: 09/20/1978

Language: English

Genre: Biography, Crime

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Alan Parker

Actors: Brad Davis, Irene Miracle, Bo Hopkins, Randy Quaid, John Hurt, Paolo Bonacelli

Plot: Billy Hayes is a young American who is caught attempting to smuggle drugs out of Turkey. Although he is just a young man who made a dumb mistake, the Turkish government decides to make an example of him. He's given 30+ years in prison. The conditions are unbelievable. His lawyer and the American government are unable to help him. -- serioussir

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 07/02/2019

Dehumanizing in the worst sense, "Midnight Express" may very well be the greatest prison drama I've ever seen.

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Gabe - wrote on 03/20/2015

If Tom Brady and Brad Pitt had a love child, it would be Brad Davis. It's uncanny how much he looks like both of them, depending on the length of his hair. I'm probably rating this film a little low, but I just don't think that I could watch this again, which knocks it down a notch for me. Also, the acting wasn't great, with the exception of John Hurt, who was nominated for an Academy Award. Oliver Stone won his first of 3 Academy Awards for this film (he wrote the screenplay). This film isn't a "must see," but I think most film buffs would enjoy it.

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CJP - wrote on 02/08/2009

Action: 2/3 + Comedy: 0.5/2 + Love/Sex: 1/1 + Plot: 1/1 + Music: 0.5/1 + Good vs. Evil: 1/1 + Special Effects: 0.5/1 = 7/10 or 70%. Midnight Express is an effective drama about being removed from one's naive elements. It begins as an action flick with drug smuggling, evolves into a political drama centering on trust and religious ethics, and dwelves into an essay on how mercy is tantamount to a country's greatness. The acting is respectable and the message harsh yet more neutral than expected: one does not need a rocket launcher to kill a butterfly.

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Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
Movie God

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Midnight Express review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/04/2013

"I know it may sound all crazy to you. This place is crazy." The story revolves around college student Billy Hayes which began in Istanbul, 1980. He meets Jimmy and Eric inside prison after being caught with hashish. Mike Kellin (Mr. Hayes) visits and tries to get his son out. After 3 and a half years, he is still imprisoned. Had some good dialogues with lines: "People sometimes get on his nerves." - Erich. "I'm just saying, that's the way it is." - Billy. Has some overreacting with the acting and bad portrayal of Turks, for more dramatic effect for the movie. It was baffling how the police uniform fit nicely on Billy after killing a hefty guy. The soundtrack was riveting and the pace though somewhat sluggish near the conclusion. Still, Midnight Express shows how grueling it …

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"Midnight Express" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 02/03/2012

Midnight Express is the true story of a young American who is caught trying to smuggle drugs out of Turkey and is made an example of by the courts and left to rot in a Turkish prison. Alan Parker's extremely bleak prison drama is probably a little light on historical accuracy (it was adapted by Oliver Stone from a book written by the prisoner himself, hardly the most objective viewpoints) but strong on atmosphere and tone. It's one of those films where you start thinking "this isn't so bad", but whenever hope is presented, the rug is yanked from under them resulting in a spiralling sense of hopelessness and degradation. Parker's direction has a great use of location and composition and the central performances believable, but it does have a few weaknesses; the soundtrack is clumsy and …

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