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Overall Rank: 1505

Average Rating: 2.9/4

# of Ratings: 131

Theatrical Release Date: 01/01/1977

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy, Drama

MPAA Rating: NR

Director: David Lynch

Actors: Jack Nance, Charlotte Stewart, Allen Joseph, Jeanne Bates, Judith Anna Roberts, Laurel Near

Plot: Henry Spencer lives in an industrial wasteland where he must contend with a new, strange baby, an unreliable girlfriend, a beautiful girl across the hall and the lady in the radiator.

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/04/2019

A strange and unsettling debut film from David Lynch with emphasis on 'strange.'

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Ian - wrote on 09/15/2015

A deranged nightmare of a film. The surrealism is very much like a bad nightmare. Everything about it is sickly, dark, cancerous and disgusting. It is highly original and worth watching. No one can really match David Lynch's style.

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Yojimbo - wrote on 10/28/2012

Utterly bizarre but curiously fascinating oddity from David Lynch. Some may find it's deliberately unfathomable surrealism exasperating, but the powerful imagery alone makes it worth a look.

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I liked it? ..and nature is gross

kimstir - wrote on 06/21/2016

So I’ve been trying to get into David Lynch because of Twin Peaks return (loved TP but undecided on the movies as of now). I liked this one… I think. I don’t know. It was really interesting to look at and the erniess the sound design creates kind of sneaks up on you. The atmosphere of the whole movie is really impressive actually. It has such a unique and powerful feel. I just wish I cared about the characters/conflict. I’m sure there are many theories on what the movie's about. What I got out of it: because of the modern world we live in today, natural/organic have become gross and disgusting to us. No idea if that’s what Lynch was actually trying to say, but the plants growing around the main character's home grossed me out. And when all these puppies are feeding on their …

Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
Movie God

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Disturbing and shocking, but also unique

Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/27/2015

David Lynch you are a genius.

Eraserhead tells the story of Henry Spencer who lives in an industrial wasteland where he must contend with a new, strange baby, an unreliable girlfriend, a beautiful girl across the hall and the lady in the radiator.

Never before have I seen a movie that disturbed me, grossed me out and left me confused, but for some reason I can't stop thinking about it. Eraserhead is both shocking and unique, as this movie drives into the mind of a man who's having a living nightmare of rising a child that he never asked for, the environment that he's living in and just how unhappy he is. What David Lynch is so good at doing is making he's movies feel like a nightmare or a dream, just by how it's directed and shot creates the effect perfectly, and Eraserhead is the …


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'The feel-good movie of the year!'

memento_mori - wrote on 09/22/2013

This movie is ugly. Not in an artistic way. Not in a fascinating way. Just in an ugly way.

This was David Lynch's cinematic debut and it really shows. The direction is poor, it looks like the editor fell asleep and the acting consists mainly of people sitting down and staring at each other.
Jack Nance looked like he didn't know he was in a movie. I've never seen a performance more unsure about itself.

Nothing in this movie is near comprehensible or makes any sense. Don't get me wrong, I like artistic and intellectual films, but the intellect only works in the story if someone else than the director is able to make some freaking connections. I'm not the kind of guy who likes to laugh at things that are intended to be serious, but who can't crack up at a person turning a bar on a …

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