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Overall Rank: 2132

Average Rating: 2.8/4

# of Ratings: 334

Theatrical Release Date: 11/21/2007

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 03/18/2008

Language: English

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

MPAA Rating: PG

Director: Kevin Lima

Actors: Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden, Amy Adams, Timothy Spall, Susan Sarandon, Rachel Covey

Plot: A classic fantasy fair tale with good princesses and evil queens - thrust into modern day New York City.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 04/11/2014

The story is about a classic fantasy fair tale with good princesses and evil queens - thrust into modern day New York City. This movie was enjoyable for the family and not as terrible as I thought it will be.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 08/09/2012

For anyone that loves Disney films, Enchanted is a welcome inside joke - a film that celebrates the happiness and magic that anoints childhood animated classics, complete with lots of tongue-in-cheek humor and some inspired songs of its own. The bubbly Amy Adams is captivating, matched only by the loutish and silly James Marsden. A Disney classic in its own right.

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 09/23/2011

The previews were better then the actual movie.I watched about 5 minutes & then turned it off

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Delightful Disney Magic!

MovieAddict - wrote on 09/09/2012

A fun comedy that combines both the magic of Disney pre-21st century with a 21st century sense of humor as Snowwhite comes to modern day New York! It really becomes a riot when the Prince (James Marsden as Edward), a queen's sniveling henchman Nathaniel (Timothy Spall), a chipmunk named Pip and the Queen herself all follow her to there.

Amy Adams was fantastic as the wide eyed Giselle. She was just so endearing and the embodiment of believable innocence. We have a wonderfully wicked stepmother (Susan Sarandon) who can't take that her step son will marry a girl prettier than her and become King so she banishes Giselle to that dark place where no one lives happily ever after. That's right New York City where Giselle meets Patrick Dempsey, the world-weary yet still caring dad who is the …

Beyond Chaos
Beyond Chaos

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Amy Adams makes this bearable.

Beyond Chaos - wrote on 06/12/2010

In Enchanted, Disney is content with shoveling us the same old s*** and calling it sugar.

I was hoping this would be a biting satire of the Mouse House's past fables but instead they played it safe and only increased their self-awareness: "Yes we know how silly the musical numbers were in those old cartoons, so let's ratchet up the camp level a little for this film!" Except for a bizarrely crude cleaning-song parody involving NYC's vermin (amusing in concept and maybe initially but like all the movie's good parts, the fun factor was quick and fleeting), I can't think of anything that makes this different from all the other cookie-cutter sludge the company churns out every year.

Disney really made it seem like they were going to town on all the soggy cliches clogging up their …

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The Title Fits - Very Enchanting Film

writeandleft - wrote on 10/25/2008

God Bless Amy Adams. The Oscar-nominated (for Supporting Actress, for Junebug) actress never, ever strikes a false note in this Disney fairy tale, about a maiden named Giselle who is thrust into the real world - literally - by an evil queen, bent on keeping Giselle from marrying her son.

The film starts off in the animated world of Andalasia, where the poor but beautiful Giselle - along with her animal friends, a la Cinderella, sings about the prince she hopes to one day marry. Nearby, Prince Edward (played by James Marsden) is out hunting with his companion Nathaniel (Timothy Spall, in a hilarious performance), when circumstances occur that allow Edward and Giselle to meet for the first time. In true fairy tale fashion, the two instantly fall in love, and plan to wed - the very next …

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