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New in Theaters August 29: As Above, So Below, The November Man

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/28/14 at 07:00 AM CT

The month of August has had some great highs and surprising lows - but whether a movie has exceeded expectations or bombed spectacularly - one thing is for certain, August 2014 is going down in the record books for the most successful on record. But we still have one more weekend left before we can put the month on the books - and two new movies to close out things. We have another horror movie …

Modern Films to Melt Your Brain

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/27/14 at 04:45 PM CT

There are plenty of films that play it straight forward: axe-murder goes after yet another teen, cop meets up with fellow buddy cop and takes down the bad guys (without needing to reload his gun even!), a man and woman couldn't have more different personalities and yet through a series of wacky events find themselves together (maybe even married!) - and a hundred other examples too. Sometimes, …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of August 26-September 1

Harley Lond - wrote on 08/26/14 at 01:37 AM CT


"Belle," a melodrama about Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), an 18th century English woman of mixed race who finds herself caught between two worlds when she falls in love with a young idealist lawyer (Sam Reid) who aspires to create positive change. Co-stars Tom Wilkinson, Emily Watson, Miranda Richardson, Penelope Wilton and Matthew Goode. From …

Weekend Box Office: Guardians Becomes Top Movie of Summer as Sin City Gets Massacred

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/24/14 at 08:34 PM CT

Once again, the box office was saved by the strong performances of two of the biggest movies of the year - not so much by the new films. It was a win for the overall box office, however, as the top 12 earned $105.4 million - up about 17% compared to last year and continuing the August win streak. Pretty much the two biggest surprises came on opposite ends of the spectrum as a four-week old movie …

New in Theaters August 22: Sin City - A Dame to Kill For, If I Stay, When the Game Stands Tall

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/21/14 at 06:45 AM CT

Last weekend may have delivered for flops than wins - but overall the weekend, buoyed by The Turtles and Guardians, was still enough to give it an edge over the same weekend in 2013. Now that August is winding down, we'll see if the box office can sustain its winning streak. It's going to come down to a long-in-the-making sequel, an inspirational sports film and an emotional drama to keep things …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of August 19-25

Harley Lond - wrote on 08/19/14 at 02:15 AM CT


Ho-hum. "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" continues the rebooting of the Spider-Man saga, with Andrew Garfield again reprising his role as "Spidey" and Emma Stone co-starring as Parker/Spider-Man's girlfriend Gwen Stacy. But there's something missing here; there's just not enough oomph, even with formidable special-effects villains Electro (Jamie Foxx), Green Goblin …

Weekend Box Office: Turtles, Guardians Hold Strong, Expendables 3 is Downright Geriatric

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/17/14 at 09:19 PM CT

t was a weekend full of hopes and promises - and plenty of broken dreams. While one film managed to beat expectations - it was the previous weeks' entries that helped fuel another August win. With the top 12 films earning a total of $128.8, the week was up 6% compared to last year and the month is still heading for the record books. But it was the failures over the weekend that are going to be …

New in Theaters August 15: The Giver, The Expendables 3, Let's Be Cops

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/14/14 at 06:54 AM CT

Thanks to the outstanding performances of Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, August continues to be on pace for a record month. This week sees the return of an action franchise as well as another popular young-adult novel looking to emulate the success of Divergent and Hunger Games (which is not an easy task considering all the failures along the way) and a buddy "cop" …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of August 12-August 18

Harley Lond - wrote on 08/12/14 at 02:53 AM CT


"Locke" is a tour-de-force performance for Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, a successful construction foreman on his way home one night when he discovers that a woman he had had a fling with is going into premature labor; he decides to abandon his family and travel to London to be with her, but first he has to coach a co-worker about a massive concrete pour in …

Weekend Box Office: Ninja Turtles Cut Down Guardians of the Galaxy

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/10/14 at 09:14 PM CT

Although early indications pointed to a knock-down fight between two titans for the weekend box office crown, in the end, it was no fight at all. With Turtles leading the way, and still posting a strong second weekend, the top 12 at the box office hit $173.6 million - 22% above the same weekend in 2013 and still pointing toward an all time August record (possibly topping the $1 billion mark). …

New in Theaters August 8: Ninja Turtles, Into the Storm, Step Up: All In, Hundred-Foot Journey

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/07/14 at 06:40 AM CT

August got off to a rip-roaring great start thanks to Guardian's of the Galaxy - who easily brought in a new August record with a hefty $94.3 million monster opening. Now the question remains if the rest of August is going to be able to keep up the pace - and if Hollywood can finally turn around the steady decline it has seen all summer long. Guardians should have a great hold this weekend - but …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of August 5-August 11

Harley Lond - wrote on 08/04/14 at 11:09 PM CT


All hail Lionsgate. First the company gave us "The Hunger Games," parlaying Suzanne Collins' novels into multi-million dollar boxoffice bonanzas. Now they've handed us "Divergent," the first movie in a four-part saga based on the "Divergent" book series by Veronica Roth. Like "The Hunger Games," "Divergent" stars an up-and-coming young actress …

Weekend Box Office: Guardians of the Galaxy Blasts Into August Record Books

Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/03/14 at 10:41 PM CT

The 2014 summer movie season needed a shot and the arm, and it came in a big way thanks to motley crew of heroes. The first weekend in August was up a mighty 40% compared to last, and helps reverse a trend in the slumping summer. Considering there are still some pretty big films yet to debut this month, this could be a month for the record books itself - but we'll take things one week at a time, …

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