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Mystery of the Wax Museum

Indyfreak - wrote on 10/22/20

Creepy horror movie with a good mystery and a sinister villain. Glenda Farrell is funny as a fast talking reporter. The early technicolor cinematography looks great despite the film’s age.

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 10/21/20

At a time when it feels like the person closest to you could die at any moment, a movie like "Spontaneous" just feels right. This wacky dark comedy is a turnstile of emotions that makes something special out of familiar pieces.

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Jacob Ward - wrote on 10/21/20

Alpha is considered to me as the perfect human-animal connection film. From beginning to end, Alpha does not disappoint and portrays the relationship of the human and dog perfectly.

This film represents the beginning of the dog-human partnership that we currently know today with our pets. Alpha is the wolf that Keda runs into on his journey back to his tribe since his tribe believed he was dead. After not getting along for a while, Keda and Alpha begin to realize they need each other in …

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 10/19/20
Slow Burn That Could Use a Bit More Heat

Horror has seen a great resurgence of late and you don't need $100 million or more to make an effective film. This has led to some of the best the genre has to offer - but also plenty of pale imitations. Amulet, with its slow burn and creepy atmosphere lands somewhere right in the middle. It has its moments but never quite grips you the way you want.

When I say slow burn, Amulet takes a fair share of time to get to the horror portion. Much of the beginning of the film is dedicated to Tomas …

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The Love Witch

SIngli6 - wrote on 10/18/20

A terrible disappointment. The technical achievements of this film, with its loving attention to detail in set design, costume, and colour palette, struggle to compensate for a script painfully deliberate in its infantility but oddly aimless in its irony. It feels like a (feminist?) Black Dynamite without any gags, which is not exactly a viewing experience I would recommend seeking out.

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The Old Guard

Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/12/20

The Old Guard is like Highlander, but without the constant beheaded and awesome Queen soundtrack.

It's a perfectly fine movie, but the story and characters are nothing memorable. The action scenes are at least enjoyable. However, the soundtrack in the movie felt like it came from someones spotify playlist.

No offence to Harry Melling, I think he's a great actor, but I had time feeling threaten by him in the movie, especially as the villain.

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Dave Made a Maze

The WHB - wrote on 10/09/20

This quirky comedy has some amazing visuals made out of cardboard. The story and leads are unfortunately not as strong but still worth a watch.

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The War with Grandpa

ikkegoemikke - wrote on 10/08/20
Please, Robert. Stay away from comedies.

Sometimes you have to make
sacrifices in a family.

What a top actor, Robert De Niro. Most of the films in which he played the lead, became film classics. Memorable roles that will still impress in decades to come. From “Taxi Driver” to “Goodfellas”. From “The Deer Hunter” to “Casino“. Unforgettable masterpieces. The only thing De Niro should have avoided in all these years is comedies. Besides “Last Vegas” there isn’t a single comedy (at least of those I’ve …

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The Chocolate War

Andulamb - wrote on 10/02/20

This is my favorite teen-angst film. First, it doesn't have the usual geek-loves-popular-hottie story line. It's about learning how to stand up for what you believe and to not play other people's games - which is a good lesson for anyone, regardless of age. Furthermore, John Glover rocks, and the soundtrack Is terrific. But you have to be In the mood for a thoughtful, funny, sad, scary, and inspiring film - as opposed to the teen films we get nowadays which feature wall-to-wall pretty people …

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Never Rarely Sometimes Always

Rod - wrote on 09/27/20

There is some degree of difficulty watching this film, only because it is true and important.

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