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Overall Rank: 697

Average Rating: 3/4

# of Ratings: 291

Theatrical Release Date: 12/11/1998

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Drama

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Wes Anderson

Actors: Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, Olivia Williams, Brian Cox, Seymour Cassel, Connie Nielsen

Plot: A gifted yet rebellion teen and a steel tycoon vie for the attention of a 1st-grade teacher at the elite Rushmore Academy.

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/06/2019

Sparking inspiration from "The Graduate" and "Harold and Maude," it packs a well crafted script and stellar direction from Wes Anderson.

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FSUNoles27TS - wrote on 01/23/2013

I have now seen what I would say is Wes Anderson's top 3; in my order from best is Moonrise, Tenenbaums, and then Rushmore. His other movies in my opinion are not in the same class of greatness. This movie was really good as I am a big Anderson fan. While his style of slow, sweet, and innocent (but not innocent) love stories always seem to grab me. This had the Teacher/Student relationship, like Tenenbaums had Brother/Sister, and Moonrise had just plain rebellious love between children. It works for him. Rushmore did drag on a bit through the middle, but it still rescued itself with a beautiful ending. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie as it is a testament of the strength of love and friendship, also dabbling quite a bit in forbidden love.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 02/21/2012

Rushmore is Wes Anderson's best filim - darkly funny, poignantly sad, and nostalgic in a way that remembers the most awkward stages of adolescence. The rivalry that Schwartzman and Bill Murray's character develop is as hilarious as the relationship Schwartzman shares with Olivia Williams is sad.

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Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
Movie God

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Rushmore review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/21/2011

Max Fischer (Jason Schwartzman) is a bizarre and active 15 year old who studies in Rushmore who has joined almost every extracurricular activity. Herman Blume (Bill Murray) is a rich businessman who befriends Max. Both fall for a widowed teacher named Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams). Max boasts to everyone that his father is neurosurgeon but is in fact a barber. Dirk (Mason Gamble), a friend of Max, divulges the affair of Herman to him. Both Max and Herman ruin each others lives. Max helps out his father in cutting people’s hair. He then creates another play with a new found female friend.

It had a fabulous script with the following quotes from the movie: Herman – “Just remember, they can buy anything but they can't buy backbone.” “Kids don't like it when their …

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Better after seeing it a couple times

TheWolf - wrote on 08/01/2007

The first time I saw this movie I didn't like it. In fact I thought it was really quite boring, and it didn't really speak to me. The one thing is that even though I didn't enjoy the movie, I didn't exactly write it off as a movie I would never watch again. A few of my friends had been big fans of the movie and they convinced me to watch it again, after watching it a few more times I started to see what they saw in some of the humor behind it. While its not my favorite movie in the world, it does have some merit. Bill Murray does a great job, and Jason Schwartzman really starts to grow on you a bit.. the reason I didn't really like it the first time was that he was still a new actor and I don't think that he really came off as being believable. I came to like him more in his later films. …

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The Rushmore Academy Flyers

Joshua - wrote on 07/29/2007

This is probably my all time favorite movie. Jason Schwartzman was great as Max Fischer, the over achieving extracurricular activity kid who befriends Bill Murray's character, falls in love with a teacher, who has a fling with Murry's character who fights with Max who brings everyone together at the end to see his play.

The writing is great and even better after multiple viewings. I take offense to Alex's comment that "if you like Napoleon Dynamite, go for this" because this has a story with high points and low points and like I said earlier is written way better than Napoleon Dynamite. They aren't even in the same league in my opinon.

Wes Anderson has a style all his own with humor that is dry and subtle but it grows on you. Also check out The Royal Tenenbaums.

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