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Overall Rank: 2576

Average Rating: 2.7/4

# of Ratings: 284

Theatrical Release Date: 11/21/2007

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 03/25/2008

Language: English

Genre: Horror, Thriller

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Frank Darabont

Actors: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Andre Braugher, Laurie Holden, Nathan Gamble, William Sadler

Plot: After a mysterious crash a mysterious storm passes through in which a clan of creatures rise up to take over a small town with only the citizens to protect themselves.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/20/2014

After a mysterious crash a mysterious storm passes through in which a clan of creatures rise up to take over a small town with only the citizens to protect themselves. The ending to this movie is so shocking and heart breaking that I should have ended better. the visual effect's are okay in some parts but the rest of the effect's in the film are dull to look at and the characters are so unlikable that you wish they will die.

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Unknown - wrote on 11/07/2011

A smarter monster flick that generates some tension and has a ballsy ending that most Hollywood movies would never go for.

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 09/13/2011

I think even if you're not a fan of Sci Fi like I am you can't help but like The Mist.It just keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what's gonna happen next & the ending will leave you thinking, Now that's truly f*#ked up then while you're thinking that, Something else happens that'll leave your head spinning & will make you go WOW!!! The Mist was awesome!

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The Mist

worleyjamers - wrote on 06/29/2013

I loved this film! The Mist follows a group of townspeople trapped in a grocery store as a mysterious mist blows into town, bringing with it a variety of unfamiliar creatures. The trapped townspeople are played perfectly by a great cast; Thomas Jane is good as the main character, and Marcia Gay Harden is chillingly brilliant as the disturbed Christian. She steals every scene she's in and delivers multiple monologues that rank among her best performances. The cast had a surprisingly great script to work with; sharp dialogue and well-written conversations make this film extremely realistic. There were a few stupid decisions and characters scattered throughout, but that doesn't hold back the film much. Also, the CGI could have been a little better. With it's strong cast, memorable …

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"The Mist" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 03/02/2012

A strange mist descends over a small town and a motley band of its inhabitants seek refuge in the local supermarket. Based on a *sigh* Stephen King novella (is it that time of year again?) The Mist was written for the screen and directed by Frank "The Shawshank Redemption" Darabont, and his skillful eye and feel for narrative pacing means that The Mist has a sense of quality missing from many King adaptations. Some of the sequences have just the right amount of tension and some of the encounters with the creatures are genuinely creepy and suspenseful in a way that reminded me of John Carpenter in his hay day. But once again, the Achilles hell is Stephen bloody King himself. The story is shit. The talents of the director and a decent if slightly uninspired set of performances are the only …

Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
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The Mist review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 12/15/2011

David Drayton (Thomas Jane) witness a thunderstorm storm from a window of his house. David and his neighbor, Brent Norton (Andre Braugher), with his son Billy (Nathan Gamble) go to the local grocery to get supplies. Dan Miller (Jeffrey DeMunn) goes to the store and warns the people about "the mist." A bag-boy Norm (Chris Owen) becomes the first victim and soon would follow. Wayne explaines: "other worlds all around us, and how they wanted to try to make a window, you know, so they can look through and see what's on the other side." In the end, David fulfills his promise to his son Billy.

Wonderfully written screenplay by the director with lines like "Denial is a powerful thing." "As a species we're fundamentally insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start …

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