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Overall Rank: 33386

Average Rating: 1.7/4

# of Ratings: 55

Theatrical Release Date: 02/03/2006

Language: English

Genre: Horror, Thriller

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Simon West

Actors: Camilla Belle, Tommy Flanagan, Katie Cassidy, Tessa Thompson, Brian Geraghty, Clark Gregg

Plot: A routine babysitting job at a wealthy doctor's house turns deadly when am ominous stranger calls and begins to make increasingly threatening calls. When the call is traced and found to be coming from inside the house, the babysitter has to save the children and herself. -- Chris Kavan

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 09/22/2011

Both versions sucked

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HorrorMovieLOVER#1 - wrote on 01/31/2011

First of all, When a Stranger Calls was one of the most dull, bad, and typical remakes I've ever seen. It was scary at some parts, but the plot was so bad, and the actress, Camilla Belle, acted horribly, and to obivious. She only stared into space emotionless, and I never saw the terror in herself at all. I never believed that she was scared. That's what made it too stupid, and unrealistic.......

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CJP - wrote on 10/26/2008

Action: 1/3 + Comedy: 0/2 + Good vs Evil: 0/1 + Love/Sex: 0.5/1 + Special Effects: 0.5/1 + Plot: 0/1 + Music: 0.5/1 = 2.5/10 or 25%. Nothing in this is good and horror-thrillers should at least be scary or tense, perhaps even interesting. This is none of the above. Should only be viewed in order to understand EVERYTHING a movie should not be.

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Dammit...hang up already will ya!!!

MovieAddict - wrote on 01/11/2013

"When a Stranger Calls Back" stars Camilla Belle as teenager Jill Johnson who is going through a teenage crisis, after her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend. After running up a hefty phone bill, she has to resort to babysitting the kids of a wealthy couple to pay the bill. Jill soon begins to receive anonymous phone calls which at first she assumes it is simply a prankster but she gets increasingly scared when the calls persist. Upon calling the police, she is advised to keep the caller on line for over a minute to trace the call. You can imagine her horror when the police calls her back and tells her the call is originating from somewhere within the home. Jill soon realizes that the stalker is playing a sick cat and mouse game with her. Enough thrills and scares to freak …

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Typical Horror Flick

DarkCritic - wrote on 01/10/2010

When a Stranger Calls was one of the few movies that I really knew I wasn't going to like before I watched it. Low and behold, I was right. Look guys, another crappy horror movie remake.

The story surrounds a girl who keeps getting phone calls from a guy who wants to kill her for the hell of it. There's no real motive, he just wants to kill because he can. That idea died the first time they made a movie like that, so there's no originality there. Along with the bland story line comes bland characters, horrible writing, and the lack of a good, in depth plot. (We'll be lucky if a remake ever has one of those, let's be honest.) But hey, there's good news, the actors are actually pretty good. Despite bad script writing, the acting actually wasn't too bad. That's not something that you see …

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