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mitchellyoung - wrote on 01/17/2012

A film that doesn't know whether it wants to be a terrorist thriller or a romantic drama. All the romantic scenes are weepy and overly melodramatic and there aren't nearly enough terrorist scenes. And there's a penis. And, yes, that scene is pretty stupid.

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Alaine - wrote on 12/09/2011

Extraordinary and original for a movie. I've read some reviews that don't think this is special, but look at the pap they usually dish out to us.

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Tia Maria - wrote on 09/28/2008

The Crying Game is a slow-paced movie, which just dragged on and on. Sure, the twist was great, really funny, but that's the only good aspect of this film. Lots of the movie was confusing, or didn't fit into the story line, and there was lots of unnecessary scenes which were pointless.

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Alex - wrote on 07/05/2007

Not as good as the BFI makes it out to be, but it does have some really interesting twists. The drama is good, acting on part, but the end result is kind of...shocking. You might like it.

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