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Listed are the most viewed movie trailers over the last two weeks. The most popluar movie trailers in 2021 are updated daily.

1. Prometheus

Trailer Views: 176
Theatrical Release Date: 06/08/2012
Language: English
Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Ridley Scott
Actors: Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron, Logan Marshall-Green
Plot: After discovering clues to the origin of mankind, a team of explorers finds themselves on a mission spanning across the universe and leading up to a battle that could determine the fate of the human race.

2. The Amazing Spider-Man

Trailer Views: 147
Theatrical Release Date: 07/03/2012
Language: English
Genre: Action/Adventure
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Marc Webb
Actors: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen
Plot: On one hand, Peter Parker is your average high school student - dealing with his crush on Gwen Stacy and the direction of his life. On the other hand, Parker must also deal with his alter-ego, Spider-Man and when he discovers a briefcase that may lead to the answer behind his parents' disappearance, it leads to Dr. Curt Connors of Oscorp, who hides an alter-ego of his own.

3. Cars 2

Trailer Views: 129
Theatrical Release Date: 06/24/2011
Language: English
Genre: Animation/Adventure
MPAA Rating: G
Director: John Lasseter, Brad Lewis
Actors: Owen Wilson, Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Larry The Cable Guy
Plot: Lightning McQueen, teamed with Mater, goes on an international tour to race some of the fastest cars in the world.

4. Black Widow

Trailer Views: 123
Theatrical Release Date: 07/09/2021
Language: English
Genre: Action/Adventure
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Cate Shortland
Actors: Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour
Plot: Set between the events of Civil War and Infinity War, Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow has a series of her own adventures, including the infamous mission in Budapest with Hawkeye, as well as returning home for some unfinished business. She must confront her past, including the Red Room that trained her, reunite with her family and face a dangerous foe in The Taskmaster - all while being separated from her Avengers peers.

5. Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn

Trailer Views: 115
Theatrical Release Date: 02/07/2020
Language: English
Genre: Action/Fantasy
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Cathy Yan
Actors: Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ewan McGregor, Jurnee Smollett-Bell
Plot: Harley Quinn has finally split from the Joker, and finds herself in good company after joining forces with fellow female superheroes Black Canary and Huntress. When a young Cassandra Cain goes missing, the trio, along with officer Renee Montoya, will go after the twisted crime lord Black Mask and psycho Victor Zsasz in order to save her.

6. Wrath of Man

Trailer Views: 110
Theatrical Release Date: 05/07/2021
Language: English
Genre: Action/Thriller
MPAA Rating: R
Director: Guy Ritchie
Actors: Jason Statham, Niamh Algar, Scott Eastwood, Josh Hartnett
Plot: H goes to work for a cash truck company that moves millions around the L.A. area. After a series of robberies, H proves he can handle the pressure and a gun - but he has his own agenda as well - tracking down those responsible for the death of his son and he will let no man stand in his way.

7. Toy Story 3

Trailer Views: 102
Theatrical Release Date: 06/18/2010
Language: English
Genre: Animation/Adventure
MPAA Rating: G
Director: Lee Unkrich
Actors: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, John Ratzenberger, Joan Cusack
Plot: In this third installment of the Toy Story series, when owner Andy heads off to college, he decides to drop his toys off at a day-care center.

8. Dirty Dancing

Trailer Views: 96
Theatrical Release Date: 08/21/1987
Language: English
Genre: Drama/Romance
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Emile Ardolino
Actors: Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze, Jerry Orbach
Plot: A family is on vacation at Kellerman's when baby meets Johnny the Dancing teacher who fall in love with each other.

9. The Suicide Squad

Trailer Views: 88
Theatrical Release Date: 08/06/2021
Language: English
Genre: Action/Family
MPAA Rating: R
Director: James Gunn
Actors: Margot Robbie, Idris Elba, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney
Plot: The gang's back together... and they've added some new friends. Amanda Waller's shady Task Force X takes the baddest of the bad: Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker and a bevy of other VERY bad guys from Belle Reve prison for one reason: to send the cons on the most dangerous and probably death-inducing missions. This time the target is the heavily militarized island of island of Corto Maltese and it means a chance at redemption... if anyone can survive.

10. The Tomorrow War

Trailer Views: 86
Theatrical Release Date: 07/02/2021
Language: English
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Director: Chris McKay
Actors: Yvonne Strahovski, Chris Pratt, Betty Gilpin, J.K. Simmons
Plot: In the year 2051 mankind is losing a war against an alien species. With little hope, a last, desperate measure is taken to recruit individuals from the past to secure a future. A teacher and family man decides to join the cause for his own daughter, joining his estranged father and a brilliant scientist in order to change the fate of all humanity.

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