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SIngli6 - wrote on 04/01/11 at 07:40 PM CT

Thank you. I think you otherwise have excellent taste in films as well.

SIngli6 - wrote on 03/31/11 at 05:22 AM CT

The book was SO much better comment

Personally, I thought the film 'The Talented Mr. Ripley' was vastly superior to the novel on which it is based.

Chris Kavan - wrote on 07/29/10 at 12:24 AM CT

Hello all!

As you can see, the site looks much better! We also made a few additions, which I think you will be pleased with.

Popular Trailers: we now rank every trailer based on how many times its' been watched. Popular Trailers

Movie Tickets: you can now buy movie tickets for all the latest movies through Fandango. Movies In Theatres

Hot Forum Topics: We have improved our forum by letting you see what people are currently talking about. Hot Topics

Movie Blog and News: the site …

Alex - wrote on 05/19/10 at 07:34 PM CT

You wanted movie news and FilmCrave is proud to deliver it to you. Get instant updates to the latest movie rumors and news, right here on FilmCrave: Movie NewsWe also launched our movie blog where we will provide deeper insight into the latest news and movie rumors. Not to mention updating everyone on what is happening with FilmCrave. Be sure to read it every day at: Movie BlogFinally, we have integrated with Facebook to allow you to "like" your favorite news stories, blog posts, and movies. …

Holas - wrote on 12/03/09 at 11:01 AM CT

Reply to: "Pure Crap-a worst list" Do you mean enjoyable now, or when you saw them. I saw "Last Action Hero" in the theatre-I was 16 and sure it looked good then. I remember my older brother taking me to see it and he snored the whole way through. I watched it since, and it is just bad. I do enjoy some bad movies though...who doesnt? But I have to be honest with myself and call 'em like I see 'em.

Crozzer - wrote on 12/01/09 at 02:20 PM CT

Ah thanks so much filmhog, your a life saver, just doing the write up now so your comments will really help,dunnpo why I always leave things last minute!! Yeah only on it about a month and really enjoying it, can't watch a movie now without thinking I better update my last movie I seen when I can!see you like horrors so I'll be trusting you to pick out only the scariest for me to watch!

Crozzer - wrote on 12/01/09 at 11:10 AM CT

Heya, really need your help if you can spare 5mins literally! Have to do a ethnographic study on an online community and it has to be in really soon or else am dead. Just have 10 simple short questions on the link below relevant to filmcrave. If you could please do this I would be very grateful, cheers!

Oh an add me too love talking movies an have barely anyone to talk to!:-(

Filmhog - wrote on 08/18/09 at 12:42 PM CT

The book was SO much better comment

Everyone knows the book is always supposed to be better than the movie (though this is not always the case -- see my "better than the book" list). But this list is reserved for films that twisted the source material into something entirely different . . . and much, much worse.

Nick - wrote on 08/14/09 at 05:34 PM CT

Thanks. There are just three of us that develop on this site. We are working slowly towards more great features. If you have any ideas, we always like to hear them! Enjoy!

Holas - wrote on 08/14/09 at 04:49 PM CT

sorry, but i cannot believe you became a 'producer' by making reviews....thats a lot of movies...

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