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Medusa63's Information

Ranking Status: Aspiring Actress

Gender: Female

Current Area: Leeuwarden

Home Town: Leeuwarden

Education: High school and college.. Masters in Forensic psychology but not working as such any more...

Employer: Free agent

Position: My own woman - As above...

About Me: Hey Yáll, As all of you here I'm a movie fan as if im not busy working or hanging out with friends, keeping house or play with my cat Auntie Bowey i watch movies... Working as a social worker with parents who are fighting to get their kids back with them keeps me pretty busy but i love making a difference in their lives and get the kids back safely with their moms and dads...

Interests: I read and watch movies... hanging out with friends and hanging out with my 20 old son... He and his sister are the loves of my life...

Movie Profile

Film I Love: The green mile, Avatar, The debaters, the collor purple

Film I Hate: copland

Guilty Pleasure: eating heaps of buthered saulty popcorn when watching a good movie

Favorite Genre: Fantasy

Least Favorite Genre: Western

Favorite Actors: Biran Denehey, Vincent Dinofrio

Favorite Director: Don't care as long it is a awesome flick

Movie Quotes: I eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice cianty.... That guy is toast ( die hard 1) So you feel Lucky, Punk! ( dirty Harry )

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I loved Avatar.. As soon as i saw the trailer of this movie i was hooked... The story line and the graphics where unbelievable and i couldn't wait to go see it.. Told my Boy friend i wanted to go see it in the theaters but alas both my B-friend and I never got around to going... But when i saw the dvd in the shops i bought it... Can't wait for Avatar 2 to come out and believe you me, this time! were going to the movie theater....

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