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Overall Rank: 36071

Average Rating: 1.6/4

# of Ratings: 12

Theatrical Release Date: 10/20/2017

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 01/16/2018

Language: English

Genre: Crime, Drama

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Tomas Alfredson

Actors: Michael Fassbender, Rebecca Ferguson, Val Kilmer, ChloŽ Sevigny, J.K. Simmons, Jamie Clayton

Plot: Detectives Harry Hole and Katrine Bratt find themselves on the case of a savage killer - one who deals with women he disproves of by dismembering their bodies and leaving mementos on snowmen. -- Chris Kavan

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Rod - wrote on 09/23/2018

A film unsure of what direction it will take ended up as an overly dramatic thriller with low production value. Badly edited, overly scored shots with too much camera movement that would not generate organic emotion. It has a potentially good material, all the details build up the revelation but the execution seemed to be just for coverage. The only thing that makes this tolerable is Michael Fassbender being there.

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SIngli6 - wrote on 08/10/2018

Beautifully shot, monstrously edited, allegedly written, The Snowman is a fun romp about a serial killer who likes to build snowmen and kill women for some reason. Most of the characters are superfluous, the chills hilariously misjudged, the thrills non-existent, and the window-staring complete and utter. See this movie with friends, or laugh your evening away alone as celebrate the fact your name is not in the credits of this wonderful catastrophe of a movie.

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Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
Movie God

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The Snowman - Review

Matthew Brady - wrote on 11/26/2017

"The Snowman" is the biggest disaster of a film in recent memory. With such a huge cast of great actors and a well experience director, who could've thought a movie would feel so incomplete and dull. The scenes where things are meant to be intense came off hilarious.

When the Popcorn Song is the killers own theme tune song and he literally dances to it; are we suppose to be disturbed by this? What is up with the derpy face snowman the killer leave behind as calling cards. It looks so fucking goofy and not intimidating in slightest. Who thought a drawing that a 4-year old would make would be a good for a murderer?

Michael Fassbender and Rebecca Ferguson are decent, but we've seen better from them. Val Kilmer looks and sounds different, like his lines were dubbed over or something. …

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