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Overall Rank: 41412

Average Rating: 1.3/4

# of Ratings: 39

Theatrical Release Date: 08/30/2002

Language: English

Genre: Horror, Thriller

MPAA Rating: R

Director: William Malone

Actors: Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone, Stephen Rea, Udo Kier, Amelia Curtis, Jeffrey Combs

Plot: A series of murders in New York all lead back to a website that each victim logged into 48 hours before their deaths. A detective seeking to unravel the mystery has only one choice - to investigate the site itself. -- Chris Kavan

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The Marowak - wrote on 02/23/2009

Hey there drudgees! Let's just not even approach the realm of considering to write a review here. If you're a smoochie looking up reviews about this then you're a smoochie with waaaaaaay too much time that needs a bum smack! That being said, be a good bat-drudgee and watch these flickers instead: Ringu, The Ring, or Pulse (Kairo). Same subject matter (Feardotcom is less than a pale imitation!!!) and they're scary and lickably watchable.

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 08/09/2007

If you can follow this convoluted, uninteresting plot then you sir (or madam) or a better person than I. Plus, if I remember correctly, horror movies are supposed to be scary. Take my advice and stay far, far away from this one.

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Tia Maria
Tia Maria

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Tia Maria - wrote on 06/24/2008

Four bodies are found in New York City. After lots of research, the detectives find that each person had logged onto the website feardotcom.com 48 hours, to the minute, before they died. So the detectives have to log into the site, to crack the case, and what they find isn't exactly pleasant.

All my friends had seen this movie, and were always saying how scary it was, whihc is why I watched it, to see what the big deal was about. Now I can safely say, my friends are crazy. This is one of the worst horror movies i have ever seen. First of all, it is impossible to follow the story line, because there is lots of things that weren't explained in the movie, which leaves you quizzical and wondering throughout the movie. Second of all, it isn't scary - AT ALL. In fact, I laughed through lots …

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