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Overall Rank: 4722

Average Rating: 2.7/4

# of Ratings: 47

Theatrical Release Date: 12/10/2010

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 06/07/2011

Language: English

Genre: Drama

MPAA Rating: R

Director: John Wells

Actors: Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris Cooper, Craig T. Nelson, Rosemarie DeWitt, Kevin Costner

Plot: Three men in the same line of work have very different reactions when their lives are upended by corporate downsizing. -- Chris Kavan

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Chris Kavan - wrote on 11/11/2013

I usually wouldn't find time to worry about those pesky 1% but Company Men reminds me of why "downsizing" is the worst word in the American language. Really good performances all around and still resonates even three years after it came out - it will make you thankful for what you have, that's for sure.

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dukeakasmudge - wrote on 11/17/2011

It's always hard to see somebody lose their job but what makes it harder is when they have to give up their mansions & fancy cars.The Company Men was an OK movie & I guess it was suppose to show that this type of situation could happen to anybody but I really couldn't get behind it.I would have rather watched a movie where the people are more down to earth & have regular homes/apartments & jobs & drive normal cars but I guess that don't fly in Hollywood because in 99% of Hollywood movies, People drive the fanciest cars, Own the biggest or nicest homes & live the perfect lives

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patjohnson76 - wrote on 08/01/2011

A timely film about well-off employees dealing with the sudden impact of downsizing, firings, and an inability to let go of a lifestyle filled with wealth and success. The film is well cast, particularly Affleck in the lead role. I can't say it's a happy viewing, it certainly isn't fun watching people fall down on their luck and then refuse to leave behind their extravagant lifestyles, so I'd say it's worth watching for the performances. Whoever was in charge of sound, however, should never work in film again, because there are times you can't even hear what people are saying.

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The American Nightmare!

MovieAddict - wrote on 03/09/2013

Three loyal executives (Ben Affleck, Tommy Lee- Jones and Chris Cooper) get axed in a corporate downsizing frenzy that upends their lives. There's a pretty good portrayal here of the impact that hits when things that we have become accustomed to are suddenly taken away. The trio each cope differently as they go through tremulous stages of humiliation, anxiety, introspection, anger and depression as their self esteem fades away and they each begin to wonder if their lives have purpose anymore.

Ben Affleck plays Bobby Walker the big stock broker of the fictional GTX Company who was just fired, and is having many obstacles thrown in his way whilst trying to find a new job. By contrast we see Bobby Walker's brother-in-law's (Kevin Costner) who has a small construction company and offers …

Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
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The Company Men review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/12/2011

All of us work for a living, whatever business or job we may have. Unfortunately, we cannot control certain circumstances like recessions, downsizing, declining stocks, etc. I have stumbled upon a film that encompasses these harsh realities how individuals who are earning for a living, deal with these unfortunate events. These competent men who were laid-off include a Head of Sales (Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck), a middle Manager named Phil Woodward (Chris Cooper) and one of the GTX founders/executive Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones). They were living a luxurious life and were capable of managing their expenses (car, mortgage, golf club, etc.). They had to struggle to survive the gruesome economic times and vindictive mass layoffs.

The film starts with the posh houses, exquisite …

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