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Overall Rank: 2888

Average Rating: 2.7/4

# of Ratings: 358

Theatrical Release Date: 07/25/1997

Language: English

Genre: Action, Thriller

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Actors: Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Xander Berkeley, Wendy Crewson, Jürgen Prochnow

Plot: When Russian terrorists take over Air Force One, the President (Harrison Ford) fakes his own escape in order to strike from hiding and save his family.

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Snoogans - wrote on 12/02/2011

Good for a 90's action movie. Harrison Ford makes a cool president.

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donkeyknight - wrote on 05/02/2011

A very effective action movie. It ticks along at the perfect pace with great heroes. "Peace isn't merely the absence of conflict, but the presence of justice." Shades of Rwanda? Bush? Iraq?

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 09/14/2010

The plot is predictable and so are some of the action sequences. Harrison Ford is what really sells the film and elevates it into pure adrenaline entertainment. His character provides a gravity to the situation and a desperation that makes it somewhat believable that Ford as President is pushed to the limits of his physical ability to save the day.

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“Get off my plane."

MovieAddict - wrote on 03/09/2012

The plot revolves around the American President flying on board Air Force One with his wife and daughter, when his plane is hijacked by a group of terrorists, led by Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman is very terrifying as the leader of a group of terrorists, Ivan Korshunov who is demanding the release of a comrade from prison and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Unless the Government gives in to their demands, he will hold everyone aboard hostage and execute one of them every thirty minutes. Harrison Ford plays the President of the United States, a former soldier who is not going to make things easy for terrorists. Glenn Close is the concerned Vice President and William H. Macy stars as one of the Secret Service agents.

The action is a bit dramatic and over the top but quite …

Movie God

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Fun and action packed movie.

mdtinney - wrote on 11/21/2009

OK, if you're looking for something like The Godfather or Citizen Kane you've probably come to the wrong place. But you knew that going in. Air Force One is what it is, a typical big-budget Hollywood action thriller where the plot (such as it is) gets put on the back burner while a bunch of people get shot and a lot of things get blown up. This is not meant to be thought-provoking serious cinema. It's meant to be fun and in that it succeeds. As the movie begins President James Marshall, played by Harrison Ford, is flying home from Russia where he has just given a speech outlining America's policy of not negotiating with terrorists. And, oh sweet irony, his plane is immediately hijacked by terrorists. The hijackers, whose leader is played by the wonderfully sinister Gary Oldman, are …

Franz Patrick
Franz Patrick
Movie God

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An Exciting Airplane Ride

Franz Patrick - wrote on 02/18/2008

I was pleasantly surprised by this film. I didn't think there would be that much action because the entire movie was set on a plane. I'm glad I was proven wrong. It's nice to see creativity in a genre that I'm not particularly fond of. I did think it was funny that Harrison Ford played a president that can kick terrorist ass. It made me think, "Hmm, I wish Bush was like that. If this Bush was Ford, he'll probably negotiate with the terrorists because his I.Q. just about equals a lower primate." Some of the stunts were really eye-popping and I was glued to the screen. But there is one major problem that I couldn't forgive: it's about two hours long and there was no good reason that it should. Some of the scenes in the beginning dragged and should've been cut out. Otherwise, it's a good …

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