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Overall Rank: 6955

Average Rating: 2.5/4

# of Ratings: 50

Theatrical Release Date: 12/09/1983

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 06/03/2008

Language: English

Genre: Action, Crime

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Clint Eastwood

Actors: Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Pat Hingle, Bradford Dillman, Paul Drake, Audrie J. Neenan

Plot: 'Dirty' Harry refuses to take a break from law enforcement after being forced on vacation by his superiors. Now, he's determined to stop a serial killer on the loose, as gang-rape victim Jennifer Spencer seeks revenge by murdering each of her attackers.

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Snoogans - wrote on 12/21/2011

I didn't care for the story of the woman and her revenge as much, but I still enjoyed the movie and it has some classic scenes.

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Naveen - wrote on 12/30/2010

Thank God this was better than The Enforcer. Much less insanity, a tighter plot and some cool twists mesh well with the good acting and intense action. Pulled this series back from the brink.

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Ichabod Crane - wrote on 05/06/2009

Dirty Harry is back again and it feels like Dirty harry the Tv show. Once again a lack of thrills and a lack of a good villain. The film looks good visually but the story is lack luster as is the dialogue. This is another example where the villain who could easily be considered the good guy in another film is not that bad and then they change villains on you near the end which I think rarely if ever works. The action scenes are too random and not distinctly done like the ones in the first one. That means to me that each movement of the characters counts and it has a realistic feel. One scene is good the coffee shop scene with the very famous line but you can watch that on you tube.

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Daniel Corleone
Daniel Corleone
Movie God

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Sudden Impact review

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 07/06/2013

"Go ahead...make my day." Harry Callahan stops some black criminals. He then confronts a crime-lord in which his superior reprimands him after his antics. Spencer (Sondra Locke) tracks down the rapists of her sister. A series of mysterious murders occur without any clues. It was fascinating how easily Spencer tracked all those responsible for the crimes against her sister and what a dead-shot she was too. Best lines despite some lousy screenplay - "Life is full of risks, isn't it." - Spencer and "Funny. I never thought of it as a game." and "Everybody wants results but nobody wants to do what they have to do to get them done." - Harry. Soundtrack was just irritatingly annoying and the direction was not as smooth as his other films. This however provided so much action compared to …

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