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Overall Rank: 2768

Average Rating: 2.8/4

# of Ratings: 87

Theatrical Release Date: 02/27/1987

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Drama

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Howard Deutch

Actors: Eric Stoltz, Mary Stuart Masterson, Lea Thompson, Craig Sheffer, John Ashton, Elias Koteas

Plot: A teenage boy is crushing on a girl he hardly knows while his best friend, a tomboy, is in love with him. -- sapien

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Camper - wrote on 01/03/2016

The rest of the characters were okay but Mary Stuart Masterson as Watts made this movie for me.

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Daniel Corleone - wrote on 11/26/2012

Keith Nelson (Eric Stoltz) has a friend named Watts (Mary Stuart Masterson). Amanda Jones (Lea Thompson) becomes close with Keith. This reviewer recalls the superb performance of Mary Stuart Masterson, meaningful story and faboulous hip soundtrack. It may seem impossible and dated if shown today, still it's an underrated 80's flick anybody can enjoy.

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sapien - wrote on 08/30/2009

This is a very moving movie. Though, I think that Eric Stoltz and Lea Thompson were on the most elaborate first date ever, I still enjoyed this movie a lot.

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Hughes Standart - wrote on 03/11/2016

Die meisten Filme sind nicht über Menschen. Sie handeln von Dingen. Zu diesen Dingen zähle ich auch Stars, die zum "Kult" wurden. Sie stehen nicht mehr für ihren Charakter, den sie spielen, sondern das Abenteuer des Films. Meistens gehts in Hollywood Filmen auch nicht um die Fragen des Lebens, sondern - Tak-Tak-Tak - um Handlung! John Hughes bildete mit seinen Teenager Filmen eine Ausnahme. Er hat sich immer interessiert für die kleinen Probleme des Heranwachsens und wie man zum "fertigen" Menschen reift. Some Kind of Wonderful, den Hughes produzierte und schrieb, ist so ein Film. Kein grosser Film, denn die Charaktere wirken fast wie Hughes Standarts und manchmal kommt er auch etwas schleppend in die Gänge. Es geht darum, ob der Held sein Mädchen kriegt - und mal im Ernst, wann …


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It certianly is

Holas - wrote on 06/30/2009

Tell me Elias Koteas doesn't remind you of the cop from Law&Order SVU....
This movie is fantastic, it made we be a fan of Eric Stoltz. All great acting in this movie. I actually thought this was directed by John Hughes. It's your typical geek liking the prom queen, and his friend gives him advice. Masterson was at a level all her own, her acting topped every one else's. She gives a much better performance in this than "Chances Are," with Downey, Jr. Thompson will always be remembered as a McFly, but she holds her own as the bit of 'Wonderful' I still hate her for "Caroline in the City' but i guess everybody has to work. I recommend seeing her in "Casual Sex', not a great movie, but entertaining with Dice Clay. This is just a brat pack kind of movie with out the 'brats.' If you …

Tia Maria
Tia Maria

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Some Kind Of Wonderful

Tia Maria - wrote on 11/22/2008

This film exceeded my expectation. As it is a John Hughes production I expected it to be lots of fun, but quite simple, but actually there was more too it than that, probably because John Hughes didn't direct it himself. I knew that I would love this movie after watching (literally) the first second. The girl plays drums WOOT WOOT. Because I am totally behind girls who want to rebel against guys expectations and play drums themselves, the first scene pulled me right into the movie. This is the second movie In have seen with Eric Stoltz, but it is quite a different experience the next time round when the first time I saw him was in Mask. So he was great, though his eyes scare me a little, and so was Masterson, as the rebel tomboy. A wondefulll movie, a must see if you love 80's teen …

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