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The Northmen, Men and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/23/22 at 08:09 PM CT

Another solid ratings bulletin with a couple of heavy-hitters this week while the box office was once again dominated by The Batman while an anime title had a strong opening in second place.

The Batman has faced no serious competition yet and it easily took the top spot at the box office for the third straight weekend. Adding another $36.7 million, The Batman dipped 44.8% but that was still …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 22 - March 28

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/21/22 at 11:38 PM CT

Nightmare Alley (2021) When charismatic but down-on-his-luck Stanton Carlisle (Bradley Cooper) endears himself to clairvoyant Zeena (Toni Collette) and her has-been mentalist husband Pete (David Strathairn) at a traveling carnival, he crafts a golden ticket to success, using this newly acquired knowledge to grift the wealthy elite of 1940s New York society. With the …

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/16/22 at 12:09 PM CT

It was another big win for The Batman - which came as little surprise because there were not other wide releases over the weekend but there was a new entry in the top five in the form of the world's most popular pop group in BTS, whose live concert film Permission to Dance on Stage - Seoul: Live Viewing cracked the top three as screaming tweens (and probably more than a few adults too) watched …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 15 - March 21

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/15/22 at 08:33 AM CT


Red Rocket (2021) Ex porn star Mikey Saber (Simon Rex) is back home in small-town Texas after burning bridges and flaming out all over Los Angeles. A hustler, operator, and charismatic con man, Mikey quickly learns that no one wants him back. When he meets Strawberry, a teenager working at the local donut shop, he sees his ticket back to the big time, in this darkly …

Lost City, Paws of Fury and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/09/22 at 11:03 AM CT

The box office finally has another blockbuster (no knock to Uncharted) and the MPAA ratings board keeps chugging right along. But the big news was the opening for The Batman the grimdark, Fincher-like superhero was a big hit and looks to make March its own.

What happens when you make Bruce Wayne an emo, the Riddler a serial killer and turn Colin Farrell into an unrecognizable crime boss - oh, …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 8 - March 14

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/08/22 at 08:19 AM CT


The Matrix Resurrections (2021) From visionary filmmaker Lana Wachowski comes "The Matrix Resurrections," the newest film in the groundbreaking franchise that redefined a genre, which reunites original stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss in the iconic roles they made famous, Neo and Trinity. Return to a world of two realities: one, everyday life; the other, what lies …

Umma and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/02/22 at 11:36 AM CT

It was a a slow weekend at the box office and it looks like the MPAA was reciprocating the feeling but at least still provided something to dissect. As expected, the box office remained unchanged for the top five and the two new entries - Foo Fighters horror film Studio 666 and the limited release of Cyrano, had little impact overall. Next week will be a much different story when The Batman …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 1 - March 7

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/01/22 at 08:21 AM CT

Belfast (2021) A poignant story of love, laughter and loss in one boy’s childhood amid the music and social tumult of the late 1960s. Buddy’s family lives in a largely Protestant district with a few Catholic families, but one day his community and everything he thought he understood about life is suddenly turned upside down. Buddy’s family gets caught in the mayhem …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of February 22 - February 28

Harley Lond - wrote on 02/26/22 at 11:53 AM CT


The 355 (2022) When a top-secret weapon falls into mercenary hands, wild-card CIA agent Mason “Mace” Brown (Jessica Chastain) joins forces with rival German agent Marie (Diane Kruger), former MI6 ally and cutting-edge computer specialist Khadijah (Lupita Nyong’o), and skilled Colombian psychologist Graciela (Penélope Cruz) on a lethal mission to retrieve it. The …

Fantastic Beasts 2, Father Stu and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/23/22 at 11:17 AM CT

It's another solid entry in the ratings department this week with two more wide releases to contend with. On the box office side of things, Tom Holland proves he doesn't have to be a superhero to top the weekend as Uncharted weathered drab critic reviews and wowed audiences enough to score the biggest opening of 2022. Also scoring decent was Channing Tatum's Dog - which joins the pantheon of …

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