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Weekend Box Office: Alita Battles to Top Spot Over Slow President's Day Weekend

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/17/19 at 07:40 PM CT

There haven't been a lot of fireworks as 2019 has just finally gotten its first $100 million plus film (Glass - see the happy news under the box office roundup). It has been pretty slow all around and even though Alita: Battle Angel managed to come in ahead of expectations, it still wasn't exactly a huge opening. Happy Death Day 2U also opened under expectations leaving the romantic comedy Isn't …

New in Theaters Feb. 15: Alita: Battle Angel, Happy Death Day 2U, Isn't It Romantic

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/14/19 at 06:42 AM CT

February has been crawling along, with no really big hits thus far. While Glass and The LEGO Movie 2 are going to wind up just fine - both opened under expectations while the other big releases What Men Want and Cold Pursuit are doing fine on their own, but really it's the holdovers like Aquaman and The Upside that continue to make the biggest waves. Will this week change things? Alita: Battle …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of February 05 - February 18

Harley Lond - wrote on 02/13/19 at 09:59 AM CT

"Bohemian Rhapsody" and "The Front Runner."

One of the most shocking J-horror films ever made, "Audition" (1999 -- Japan) exploded onto the festival circuit at the turn of the century to a chorus of awards and praise. The film would catapult director Takashi Miike to the international scene and pave the way for such other genre delights as …

Shazam!, Art of Racing in the Rain, Teen Spirit and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/13/19 at 09:08 AM CT

Frigid temperatures? Wind? Snow? Yup, it's winter and I was hoping the MPAA Board would keep me all warm and toasty with an avalanche of new ratings, but, alas, once again I have been left out in the cold. At least one of the big films this week looks like a lot of fun - a kid who becomes a superhero and Shazam! you have a new twist on a popular genre. The other big name is the long-titled The …

Weekend Box Office: LEGO Movie 2 Less Awesome in Soft Opening, What Men Want, Cold Pursuit Adequate

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/10/19 at 07:41 PM CT

I thought this was going to be the weekend that turned February around, but that weekend is still upcoming as The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, despite good audience reception, opened much lower than expected. What Men Want, Cold Pursuit and The Prodigy all performed in line with expectations. Still, there wasn't anything that really popped and that means February is still looking for something …

New in Theaters Feb. 08: The LEGO Movie 2, What Men Want, Cold Pursuit, The Prodigy

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/07/19 at 06:49 AM CT

With January not exactly getting off to a heated start, and the Super Bowl dominating over a very slow February opening, hopefully this week brings a much-needed shot in the arm to the box office. Leading the pack will be the animated LEGO sequel, which brings back the all-star cast as they battle an other-worldly new enemy. We also have horror in The Prodigy, comedy in What Men Want and action …

Captain Marvel, Us, Hotel Mumbai and More in This Week's MPAA Ratings Bulletin

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/06/19 at 09:41 AM CT

This entire year has essentially been a struggle as the MPAA Ratings Board has been rather stingy with handing out ratings, at least to major films. This week brings a welcome update with two huge films - Captain Marvel and Jordan Peele's Us receiving their official ratings, along with the true-life drama Hotel Mumbai. Three is a nice, dependable number and more so when there are strong films to …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of February 05 - February 11

Harley Lond - wrote on 02/05/19 at 07:12 AM CT

"The Girl in the Spider's Web," "Widows," "A Private War," "The Sisters Brothers" and "Dr. Seussí The Grinch."

Directed by Ingmar Bergman, "Shame (Skammen)" (1968) is at once an examination of the violent legacy of World War II and a scathing response to the escalation of the conflict in Vietnam. Max von Sydow and Liv Ullmann star as musicians …

Weekend Box Office: Football Triumphs Over Movies as Glass Leads Extra-Slow Weekend

Chris Kavan - wrote on 02/03/19 at 10:01 PM CT

No exaggeration here, as the weekend was the worst Super Bowl weekend in nearly two decades and the slowest weekend since September 2017. Miss Bala, the only new wide release, was a distant third while Glass topped the box office with a sub-$10 million performance. All in all, it was a rather yawn-inducing weekend for Hollywood, but luckily this downturn will be short-lived as the rest of …

New in Theaters February 01: Miss Bala

Chris Kavan - wrote on 01/31/19 at 06:39 AM CT

Although most of February is going to be packed with some big released, this opening weekend is going to be a bit quiet. There is just a single new wide release, the saga of a beauty queen who is forced to work for a cartel in Miss Bala - itself a remake of the 2011 Spanish film of the same name. It is also the weekend of the Super Bowl - which still draws the biggest audience of the year, thus …

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