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New Movies to Crave: Wrath & Mirrors - Snow White and Perseus Try to Topple Hunger Games

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/30/12 at 10:13 AM CT

After the "girl on fire" set the box office alight to the tune of $152.3 million last weekend, The Hunger Games officially became the next big franchise. Now it's not a question of whether the movie is going to strike it big, but just how big it's going to wind up this weekend of March 30, 2012.

Good news for the film is that unlike Harry Potter and Twilight, The Hunger Games retained much …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 27

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/27/12 at 03:48 PM CT

There's little joy at the DVD check-out counters this week, as the major theatrical releases arriving today pretty much -- and deservedly -- stalled at the box office -- likewise offering little pleasure on the small screen.

Jonathan Safran Foer's best-selling novel "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" -- a look at the tragedy of 9/11 from the point of view of an 11-year-old boy who searches …

Weekend Box Office: Audiences Eat Up Hunger Games in Record Fashion

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/25/12 at 09:01 PM CT

The question going into this weekend wasn't whether The Hunger Games would do good, it was how good will it do? The answer - about as good as it can get. Early estimate put the film at anywhere from $130 - $160 million and it wound up close to the higher estimates.

At $155 million, The Hunger games now sits at the third best opening of all time behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part …

New Movies to Crave: Odds Favor Hunger Games Having Record-Breaking Opening

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/23/12 at 11:23 AM CT

If you don't know about the film opening this weekend then congratulations - I'm so glad you woke up from that 6-month coma or perhaps you have just been freed from being taken hostage by Somali pirates where you don't have access to... well, anything (although I'm sure even Somali pirates couldn't escape the massive hype).

1) The Hunger Games, based on Suzanne Collin's best-selling novels …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 20

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/20/12 at 03:15 AM CT

Once again the Hollywood studios are jamming movie after movie into the DVD marketplace; this week there's seven new releases coming your way: "Carnage," "Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life," "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "Hop," "The Muppets," "The Sitter" and "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy."

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is the first of an American three-picture adaptation of Stieg Larssonís …

Weekend Box Office: 21 Jump Street Breaks Cover, Tops Box Office

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/19/12 at 01:08 AM CT

The dynamic duo of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum was a hit a the box office as 21 Jump Street cruised to a win while The Lorax finally had to settle second place.

Ramping up the comedy appears to have been a good idea for adapting the forgettable 80s cop drama to the big screen. With a $35 million take, 21 Jump Street become the second-highest grossing R-rated comedy behind Jackass 3-D to …

New Movies to Crave: 21 Jump Street is Back!

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/16/12 at 09:49 AM CT

Things are quiet this Friday, March 16, 2012 as only one new wide release opens. For fans of a certain late 80s - early 90s show, starring an incredibly fresh Johnny Depp.

1) That would be 21Jump Street, with a more svelte Jonah Hill and a still hulking Channing Tatum playing the "undercover" officers who infiltrate a local high school to bring down a drug ring. While the TV show took things …

New on DVD and Blu-ray Week of March 13

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/13/12 at 04:57 PM CT

There's three heavy hitter movies coming to home video this week: Hoping to piggyback on last month's Academy Awards, Fox rushed "The Descendants" to DVD to complement "The Adventures of Tintin" and "My Week With Marilyn," all nominated for awards (but only "Descendants" won, with a nod for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay). This week's supporting cast includes "Young Adult," "Happy Feet Two," …

Weekend Box Office: John Carter Fails to Spark Much Interest as Lorax Tops Box Office

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/12/12 at 12:32 AM CT

Those hoping that John Carter would pull off a win despite harsh speculation that has dogged the film for months wound up sorely disappointed. Disney's big-budget gamble wound up in second place with $30.6 million. As a comparison it was right in line with another disappointing film: Prince of Persia ($30.1 million) but trailed 10,000 B.C. ($35.9 million) and Battle: Los Angeles ($35.6 million). …

Reasons for the Cravings

Daniel Corleone - wrote on 03/11/12 at 11:27 PM CT

Iíve been with and have discovered the greatness and sometimes overrated films I have seen before or learned about. A myriad of ratings, lists and reviews were viewed and some were agreeable and others atrocious depending on taste.

One gets an urgency to revisit movies you werenít quite entertained with. Meeting new people online and appreciating your reviews and …

New Movies to Crave: Can John Carter Conquer the Box Office?

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/09/12 at 10:01 AM CT

It seems a bit early for a huge blockbuster to be opening but mark March 9, 2012 as the first official big-budget film of the year.

1) Things are looking a bit grim for Disney's John Carter. Suffering from a very muddled marketing effort, going up against a hugely successful animated film, the $250 million film is tracking for only about a $20 - $40 million opening - far less than the $75 …

New on DVD and Blu-ray, Week of March 6

Harley Lond - wrote on 03/07/12 at 03:50 PM CT

In addition to this week's major theatrical releases ("The Skin I Live In," "Footloose," "Immortals," "Like Crazy" and "Jack & Jill"), there's a cornucopia of Blu-ray and 'B' film releases. Here's a rundown:

Two high profile debuts highlight the Blu-ray releases this week. First is the wacky (to say the least; words desert us when it comes time to describe this incredibly nasty comedy) "Monty …

New DVD and Blu-Ray Releases to Crave: Immortals, Footloose or Jack and Jill - Pick Your Poison

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/06/12 at 09:48 AM CT

This Tuesday March 06, 2012 doesn't bring us any award-winning films, however, depending on the mood you happen to be in, it does bring in plenty of entertaining films.

1) There's no doubt if you read my review that I was never really impressed by Immortals - which to me felt like a bad mashup of 300 and the video game God of War - if you want a bit of action, this will fit the bill. There is …

Weekend Box Office: Lorax Finds the Green; Project X Throws a Decent Party

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/04/12 at 11:44 PM CT

It was once again a banner weekend for Hollywood as an animated film made history and was a big reason the box office was up 27% compared to last year.

The Lorax beat all expectations as it opened with a monster $70.7 million - the biggest opening for any film yet in 2011. It beat Despicable Me ($56.4 million) to become Illumination Entertainment's best opening and it was also the best …

New Movies to Crave: The Lorax Tempts Families, Project X Tempts Party Rockers

Chris Kavan - wrote on 03/02/12 at 09:35 AM CT

Only two wide releases coming out on March 03, 2012 and each targets a very specific and very different crowd. Hopefully the appeal will be enough to keep Hollywood's hot streak continuing for the year.

1) The reason The Lorax will win the weekend isn't because it's based on one of the many great books that Dr. Suess wrote, or that the message the film gets across about environmentalism is …

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