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"Resident Evil Retribution" by Yojimbo

Yojimbo - wrote on 08/27/2017

Alice is captured and imprisoned in Umbrella's secret HQ, so Wesker and a former Umbrella agent free her in an attempt to recruit her to their cause...but first they must escape the complex.

The original Resident Evil was inoffensive pap; an excuse to switch off your cerebral cortex and veg out to clunky action horror and acrobatic, gun-toting vixens aplenty. As each sequel has been released they have become more and more dumbed-down, more and more simplistic, and more and more cynical in their attempts to flog this dead horse of a franchise as long as they possibly can make another buck out of it. This latest instalment is so pointless, so meaningless, so disposable it's positively soul-destroying. It's the turn of Aliens to be plagiarised by Anderson and his "plot" is nothing more …

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Resident Evil: Retribution - Weak plot

Miguel - wrote on 10/06/2012

I didn't really like this fifth one. The story was too short. And the acting was not that good. Only milla jovovich, michelle rodriguez and Boris Kodjoe did a good act in my opinion the rest was so-so. The plot was a little bit predictable and not very exciting nor thrilling. If Paul W.S. Anderson is thinking in making a new Resident Evil he'll have to do much more and much better than this to make a better sequel and bring back the emotion that the first and second movies caused on us. There's always the chance of improving but this one was just not worth to watch. Of course if we talk about the special effects, they were amazing!! We just saw a bullet in slow motion entering in the head of a zombie, and that's not easy to do. But special effetcs aren't everything in a movie.

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