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dwry - wrote on 07/03/13 at 04:19 PM CT

Evita Review comment

Simply amazing!

Barbara - wrote on 05/25/13 at 05:19 PM CT

Red Rock West Review comment

One of those strange movies that sticks with ya! I liked it.

enuscher - wrote on 07/22/12 at 02:16 PM CT

Favorite Actors 013: Cary Grant comment

Thank you for making this list, I've now dedicated myself to watching all of them :)

sapien - wrote on 11/25/11 at 11:19 PM CT

Favorite Directors comment

I like many of these directors. But, what about Tim Burton and Spike Lee? They're two of my favorites.

Armando Sanchez - wrote on 11/12/11 at 04:25 PM CT

cool reviews.

Ghost Seed - wrote on 01/29/11 at 10:24 AM CT

Whoa, Honey.. Did you really hate Black Swan?!

The Scripted - wrote on 08/17/10 at 07:02 PM CT

Chloe Review comment that!! Is it even a real word?? Priceless! And I agree completely with your review. :-)

The SHC - wrote on 06/27/10 at 01:27 AM CT

Yor: Hunter from the Future ( mondo di Yor, Il ) Review comment

I found this one to be just some mindless frun (it's one of my favourite movies of all time), but to each his own. If yo don't like exploitation, I can see why you wouldn't like Yor. Still, Reb Brown kicks ass, lol.

LeeAnn M. - wrote on 06/11/10 at 04:34 AM CT

I Love You Phillip Morris Review comment

This movie is definitely NOT for the faint of heart...or for anyone with any morals. But it is funny, outrageous, deeply offensive, and entertaining.

Scotty - wrote on 06/05/10 at 07:58 AM CT

Lawrence of Arabia Review comment

Lawrence wasn't in Africa he was in ARABIA, they should edit that.

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