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Name: Epic Fan

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Deja Vu (2006)

A good blend of smart sci-fi and action.

I really enjoyed this film. I didn't know anything about it going into, it was an impulse selection. The movie sets up to potentially be some average action/thriller type movie but then they swerve you into this sci fi element that I really enjoyed. Another thing I loved about it, the sci fi in the movie is presented in some surprising detail and doesn't treat the viewers like they are in preschool. The movie definitely hits you very fast with a lot of information and expects the viewer watching is capable enough to grasp it. I know another review on here mentioned the stakes weren't that high.. I dunno I really think the lives of 500 people are pretty high stakes. I dunno check it out for yourself. I think it's quite good. I've watch it …

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Movie Title Rating Overall Add
Flight of the Navigator 3.5/4 2.7/4
The Dark Knight 3.5/4 3.4/4
Alien: Resurrection 2.5/4 2.3/4
Deja Vu (2006) 3.5/4 2.7/4
Beowulf (2007) 3.5/4 2.4/4

Top Movie List

# Movie Title Rating Overall Add
1. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 4.0/4 3.4/4
2. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 4.0/4 3.3/4
3. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 4.0/4 3.3/4
4. Ben-Hur 4.0/4 3.2/4
5. Titanic 4.0/4 3.0/4

Recent Comments

Josh C - wrote on 03/05/08 at 09:55 AM CT

Yeah I am sure not everyone found the beheading in Apocalypto humorous. I didn't think my mindset was that of lightheartedness when I was watching it. I was very engaged but then in the background you see a head bouncing down the stairs and it just struck me as funny. The bad thing is that is my main memory of the movie now, so it kinda ruined it for me.

Epic Fan - wrote on 03/05/08 at 12:32 AM CT

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Review comment

Oh and I forgot to add that the pod race is clearly paying homage to another great race in movie history. The chariot race in Ben-Hur. You have your hero racer and your villian racer, the villain vehicle is somehow sporting some unfair advantage (Sebulba flashes his vents, Chariot was beaked) Even down to the lap counter is simiilar. I liked the pod race.

Josh C - wrote on 02/19/08 at 09:06 PM CT

Apocalypto Review comment

Though I really liked the idea and the cinematography of this movie, I couldn't help but laugh when heads were bouncing down the stairs. Once that happened the movie started to suffer for me and couldn't get back into it. Maybe it deserves another look.

Allison - wrote on 02/15/08 at 09:54 AM CT

Movies I Own List comment

#-T! Very good list.

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