Nosferatu the Vampyre ( Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht ) Movie Information

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Overall Rank: 1054

Average Rating: 3/4

# of Ratings: 90

Theatrical Release Date: 10/05/1979

Language: German

Genre: Horror

MPAA Rating: PG

Director: Werner Herzog

Actors: Klaus Kinski, Isabelle Adjani, Bruno Ganz, Roland Topor, Walter Ladengast, Martje Grohmann

Plot: Jonathan Harker is sent to Count Dracula, who is looking to buy a house in Varna. Upon seeing a photo of Lucy, Jonathan's wife, he makes the trip - with death following in his footsteps. -- Chris Kavan

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 07/23/2011

This is one of Herzog's most linear films and he masterfully creates a creepy and unsettling atmosphere. The film contains some memorably visual moments and Klaus Kinski, with his unique face, makes a chilling Nosferatu. One of Herzog's best.

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Macasev - wrote on 06/15/2008

Herzog made a really masterful remake of the Murnau's movie from 1922. Klaus Kinsky was perfect as pale, tormented famous vampire. Isabelle Adjani is absolutely beautiful. Let's not forget the early efforts of Bruno Ganz (Wings of Desire, Der Untergang...). I love the decadent feast at the town square, with rats. And the final scene where Jonathan turns into a vampire reminds me for some reason of the final scene of the Polanski's "Dance of the Vampires" where Sharon Tate turns into a vampire at the end of the movie. This movie is worthy of it's German expressionist predecessors. Beautiful cinematography, slow pace and suspenseful atmosphere. No cheap horror tricks. Just pure and beautiful terror creeping up your spine.

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TheWolf - wrote on 07/27/2007

The most old school style vampire movie made during a time when it was unheard of to try to take an approch that was taken here and going in black and white no less. Noferatu is often times considered to be a classic movie that anyone that is thinking of making a vampire movie should watch. It doesn't follow any of the standard "Vlad the Impaler" style ideas that most Vamp movies take the direction of going, and that is what makes this film unique.

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Schönheit - wrote on 07/18/2016

Our Daily Free Stream: Werner Herzog - Nosferatu. Es sind die Farben in Werner Herzogs Nosferatu, die mir tief unter die Haut gehen! Es wäre unzureichend, sie nur als gesättigt zu beschreiben. Die Farben sind reich und schwer und tief. Die Erde, sieht sieht dreckig aus. Es gibt nur wenig Grün darin, dafür viel Nässe und Schlamm. Die Berge in Transylvanien, zerklüftet, grau, scharf. Die Innenräume werden mit Rot-, Weiss- und Brauntönen gefilmt - weiss sind vor allem die Gesichter, insbesondere das von Dracula. Ein Werk von grosser Schönheit, das aber nie versucht, uns damit zu beeindrucken. Die Reise zum Schloss des Grafen, sie wirkt episch. Nicht so als ob ein Film-Team bloss einige Szenen davon mitgeschnitten hätte. Oft zeigt Werner Herzog die Natur mit einem Unterton der …

Matthew Brady
Matthew Brady
Movie God

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Now this is how remakes are done right

Matthew Brady - wrote on 02/09/2015

I never thought a remake would be on the same level of greatness and get's that same uncomfortable feeling as the original, both of those films should hold up today and that's the best thing ever.

The story to Nosferatu the Vampyre are main character Jonathan Harker who get's sent to Count Dracula, who is looking to buy a house in Varna. Upon seeing a photo of Lucy, Jonathan's wife, he makes the trip - with death following in his footsteps.

Remakes to me can turn out in many different way's if you look at it's history of films. There are remakes that are known has classic and way better than the original and it's films like: John Carpenter's The Thing and the 1986 film The Fly that's been kept in everybody's hearts has one of the greats. But when there's good there's always bad and …

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