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Overall Rank: 4330

Average Rating: 2.7/4

# of Ratings: 85

Theatrical Release Date: 09/14/1987

Language: English

Genre: Comedy, Horror

MPAA Rating: PG-13

Director: Fred Dekker

Actors: Andre Gower, Duncan Regehr, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht, Tom Noonan, Brent Chalem

Plot: A group of kids, with the help of Frankenstein, must save their town from Dracula, the wolfman and gillman. -- Josh C

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Indyfreak - wrote on 10/18/2020

Preposterous yet delightfully amusing horror-comedy that serves as a loving tribute to classic monster films. It’s remarkably short at about an hour and fifteen minutes before ending credits, but it wastes no time and packs a lot of action into the plot. The core cast of kid protagonists are all adept at speaking writer Shane Black’s wisecracking dialogue. Further to its credit, it is much more violent than one might expect from a cheesy ‘80s kids movie but that’s partly what makes The Monster Squad so much fun.

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Amy - wrote on 02/15/2016

cheesy but cute. actually, it's striking how much cursing and sex-talk there was for a movie about and for little kids... I don't think kids movies today are like that, which is perhaps a loss.

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Matthew Brady - wrote on 10/24/2015

Dracula: [holding Phoebe up by her throat] "Give me the amulet, you BITCH!". The story is about a group of kids, with the help of Frankenstein, must save their town from Dracula, the wolfman and gillman. Monster Squad is the most ridiculous, silly, goofy 80's fluff you'll ever come across, but I'll be lying if I say that I wasn't entertained by the movie because I was.

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Matthew Sanchelli - wrote on 09/27/2007

This is by far, one of my all-time favorite movies. Right there next to Halloween.

This unsung hero of movies is just now (20 years later) getting the up front recognition it deserves.

The remember renting this movie with my parents when I was very young (at least 7 or 8) and I fell in love with this movie. was a dream come true for me.

Fortunately I was able to retain a VHS copy of this movie while it went out of print and MIA. I've had said VHS for over 15 years now (if not closer to 20) and I never tire of watching it.

Before knowledge of the DVD was publicly known I was getting worried that the next time I watched this movie would be the last.

Now the DVD is out and everyone has the chance to see a movie I grew up with and can …

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