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Overall Rank: 536

Average Rating: 3.1/4

# of Ratings: 144

Theatrical Release Date: 10/15/1973

Blu-ray/DVD Release Date: 03/19/2013

Language: English

Genre: Drama, Crime

MPAA Rating: R

Director: Terrence Malick

Actors: Sissy Spacek, Martin Sheen, Alan Vint, Warren Oates, Ramon Bieri, Gary Littlejohn

Plot: Loosely based on the Starkweather serial killer, a young girl and her much older boy friend kill several people including her family and run from the law in South Dakota during the 1950's.

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Logan D. McCoy - wrote on 06/21/2019

Fresh out of the gate, Terrence Malik wrote and directed this unmatchable star-crossed impressionist romance.

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Yojimbo - wrote on 07/02/2012

Extremely influential crime drama/doomed romance/road movie that can be seen reflected in every film Quentin Tarantino has made; especially True Romance. Martin Sheen is wonderful as the charismatic social misfit cum killer and his romance with the innocent Spacek is very touching. A cult classic.

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mitchellyoung - wrote on 12/10/2010

The key to this film's intriguing qualities is Martin Sheen's captivating, aggressive performance and Sissy Spacek's innocent, spacey one. Malick wisely doesn't choose to judge or explain the two main characters and instead lets the audience observe and thoughtfully draw their own conclusions.

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Detailverliebt - wrote on 08/04/2016

Our Daily Free Stream: Terrence Malick - Badlands. Gleich drei neue Projekte nimmt Malick in Angriff. Weightless über die Musik Szene von Texas mit Christian Bale und Michael Fassbender hat er abgedreht. - Wie einen Groschenroman beschreibt Holly ihr Leben. “Little did I realize, that what began in the alleys and back ways of this quiet town would end in the Badlands of Montana.” Es ist ihre fragende Erzählstimme, die über dem ganzen Film von Terrence Malick verweilt. Manchmal scheint es so, als ob das menschliche Sein hinter der majestätischen Landschaft einfach verschwindet. Holly spielt gerade mit einem Twirling Stab als sie Kit begegnet. Er hat in einer Autowerkstatt gearbeitet. Sie ist fünfzehn, er 25 - vielmehr erfahren wir jedoch nicht über sein früheres Leben. Er nimmt …

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Young Couple on the Run

Snoogans - wrote on 04/29/2014

'Badlands' is a first for me. It's the first Terrence Malick film that I actually liked. I've found his other films to be long, drawn out, pretentious, and just plain boring. So, I was surprised when I was entertained by this small little gem of a movie. It's a simple story about a young, naive couple who run from the law while on a killing spree. The two main characters are different, in that they know their deeds are terrible but they are disconnected from these violent acts. They seem disconnected from what we perceive as 'normal' life as a whole and at the same time understand it. This is found in the off-and-on narration by Sissy Spacek's character. Both share this commonality and I guess that's what brought them together. The relationship seems relatable, despite this …


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An empty plot sugarcoated with great direction.

memento_mori - wrote on 08/19/2013

Terrence Malick is a very diverse director. Some hate him, some love him, I'm kind of lukewarm about some of his films (Except for The Thin Red Line, that's in my Top Movie List)

This movie doesn't really have that much going for it, in my opinion.
There are few things I actually loved about Badlands, like the direction.
Terrence Malick - even then - is a great visual director. What some people tend to overlook is his very careful look at nature and landscapes. I love the use of the color yellow in this movie. The moon, the plains of what I understood were the Badlands, a yellow dress, et cetera. This is a stunning visual picture.
But, the script feels empty. There is quite a large scope, and the characters visit new places regularly, but I was never excited to see what was going …

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